The University of Turku in Finland invites application to vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, , is the third largest university in Finland as measured by student enrollment

Department of Life TechnologiesID 20054Trainee / Research Assistant, part-time (Photo-e-Microbes project), 1-2 personsEnds on: 11/20/2023 16:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

University of TurkuID 20050Postdoctoral Researcher, Accounting and FinanceEnds on: 11/24/2023 16:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

Department of BiologyID 20052Postdoctoral researcherEnds on: 11/30/2023 16:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

INVEST Research Flagship CentreID 20055Senior researcher or doctoral researcherEnds on: 12/03/2023 23:59 (Europe/Helsinki)

University of TurkuID 20051Postdoctoral or Project Researcher to Medical Bioinformatics Centre in Turku, FinlandEnds on: 12/04/2023 16:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

INVEST Research Flagship CentreID 20056Senior Resercher (1-2 positions)Ends on: 12/04/2023 16:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

Turku Bioscience CentreID 20058Postdoctoral researcher to study T-cell response in cancer in Molecular Systems Immunology Group at Turku Bioscience CentreEnds on: 12/10/2023 23:59 (Europe/Helsinki)

Institute of BiomedicineID 20047Postdoctoral Researcher in Cancer Immunotherapy ResearchEnds on: 12/11/2023 16:00 (Europe/Helsinki)

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