PhD Scholarships at Copenhagen University, Denmark, the second oldest institution for higher education in Denmark.

Morten Meldal PhD fellowships in ChemistryFaculty of ScienceFaculty of Science01-02-2024
PhD Fellow in Explainable Natural Language UnderstandingFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Computer Science01-02-2024
PhD Fellowships in Extragalactic AstrophysicsFaculty of ScienceNiels Bohr Institutet31-01-2024
PhD fellowship in Theoretical Computer Science and/or Combinatorial OptimizationFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Computer Science10-01-2024
PhD scholarship in the intersection of innovative health infrastructures, data sharing and complex regulatory frameworksFaculty of LawFaculty of Law07-01-2024
Two PhD fellowships in critical data studies at the Department of Public HealthFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesThe Department of Public Health17-12-2023
PhD fellowship in Muscle Cell Biology at the Department of Biomedical SciencesFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Biomedical Sciences13-12-2023
PhD fellowship within the Complexity and Big Data GroupFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Public Health12-12-2023
PhD scholarship – “Green Futures: Strategic Partnerships in the Anthropocene” project, funded by the Independent Research Fund Denmark (DFF)Faculty of HumanitiesInstitut for Tværkulturelle og Regionale Studier10-12-2023
PhD fellowship in intercropping of grain legumes and cerealsFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Plant and Environmental Sciences03-12-2023
PhD fellowship in Cosmochemistry at the Globe Institute Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences University of CopenhagenFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesGlobe Institute03-12-2023
PhD fellowship in in Planet Formation at the Globe InstituteFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesGlobe Institute01-12-2023
PhD Fellowship in Philosophy of ScienceFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Science Education01-12-2023
PhD fellowship in Structured Biointerfaces at Department of PharmacyFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Pharmacy01-12-2023
PhD fellowship in Bioanalytics at Department of PharmacyFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Pharmacy01-12-2023
PhD Project in mafic crustal growthFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Geosciences and Natural Resource Management30-11-2023
PhD scholarship in economics at the University of CopenhagenFaculty of Social SciencesØkonomisk institut28-11-2023
PhD Project in Phytoplankton evolutionary ecologyFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Biology27-11-2023
PhD fellowship in The DELIVER (DELiberative ImproVEment of oRal care quality) projectFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesOdontologisk Institut / Tandlægeskolen26-11-2023
PhD fellowship in Precision Nutrition, Metabolomics and BioinformaticsFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Nutrition, Exercise and Sports23-11-2023
PhD Fellows at Department of NeuroscienceFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesInstitut for Neurovidenskab22-11-2023
PhD fellowship in the Virus-like particle vaccine group at the Centre for Medical parasitologyFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesDepartment of Immunology and Microbiology21-11-2023
PhD fellowship in Evolutionary Modelling for Human Genomics at the Supek Group, BRICFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesBRIC20-11-2023
PhD fellowship in Systems Neuroscience at the Department of NeuroscienceFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesInstitut for Neurovidenskab20-11-2023
PhD scholarship at the Department of Anthropology, University of Copenhagen (UCPH)Faculty of Social SciencesDepartment of Anthropology19-11-2023
PhD stipends in Statistics, and the mathematics of Insurance and EconomicsFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Mathematical Sciences15-11-2023
PhD stipends in MathematicsFaculty of ScienceDepartment of Mathematical sciences15-11-2023
PhD fellowship in Biostatistics and Causal inferenceFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesInstitut for Folkesundhedsvidenskab15-11-2023
PhD fellowship in Collaboration Analytics,Faculty of ScienceDatalogisk Institut15-11-2023
PhD fellowship in computational CRISPR guide RNA designFaculty of Health and Medical SciencesInstitut for Veterinær- og Husdyrvidenskab15-11-2023

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