PhD Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No. Job ad header Application deadline 
20230617Join us – and share knowledge: The Department of Physics seeks three PhD students31/03/2024
20230619PhD Student for Tomorrow’s Sustainable Wood Materials31/03/2024
20230618PhD Student for Tomorrow’s Solar Cells and Wearable Electronics31/03/2024
20230679PhD position: Quantum thermodynamics & fluctuations in electronic devices10/03/2024
20230675PhD student – diagnostics and modeling of gas-solids flow15/01/2024
20230400PhD student position in Leaching of molten nuclear fuel31/12/2023
20230678PhD position: Quantum thermodynamics of electronic devices22/12/2023
20230667PhD student position in Applied AI/ML and modelling of battery materials19/12/2023
20230656PhD position in Recycling of electrolyte from batteries by supercritical fluid process15/12/2023
20230673PhD project: Designing free energy landscapes by machine learning10/12/2023
20230672PhD student position on BECCS & corrosion07/12/2023

Astronomy and Plasma Physics division recruits postdoctoral researchers01/12/2023
20230535PhD student positions in Hybrid Quantum Systems01/12/2023
20230620PhD student in modelling robust energy systems30/11/2023
20230559PhD student position within WWSC: lignin chemistry and its engineering30/11/2023
20230663PhD-student in Data-Driven Precision Nutrition27/11/2023
20230530PhD student position in synchrotron-based studies of electrocatalyst surfaces25/11/2023
20230629PhD-student in Healthcare improvements24/11/2023
20230599Two PhD student positions: III-nitride-based lasers21/11/2023
20230588Marie Curie PhD student position in silicon photonics and microcombs21/11/2023
20230630PhD student position in human cell models19/11/2023
0230623PhD student position in sustainable antifouling strategies for invasive species control18/11/2023

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