The University of York in United Kingdom invites application for vacant Research and Academic Positions, a collegiate research university, located in the city of York, England


Student and Academic Services £30,487 – £34,980 per year (reduced pro rata for part time working)  Open  Part-time  4 March 2024 24/01/2024 Apply by:07/02/2024Reference:13021

Chair in Evidence Synthesis

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination Commensurate with experience on the Professorial Scale (minimum £71,337)  Open  Full or part-time (see job details)  22/03/2024 24/01/2024 Apply by:28/02/2024Reference:13061

College Life Coordinator

Student and Academic Services £27,181 – £30,487 a year, reduced pro-rata for part time working  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 23/01/2024 Apply by:05/02/2024Reference:13033

Communication Assistant – Safe Robotics and AI

Computer Science £27,181- £30,487 per year  Fixed term  Part-time  28/02/2024 01/02/2024 Apply by:15/02/2024Reference:13075

Director of Strategic Programmes – Assuring Autonomy & AI

Computer Science Grade 9  Fixed term  Full or part-time (see job details)  Week commencing 11th March 11/01/2024 Apply by:08/02/2024Reference:13011

Early Years Assistant Practitioner

York Commercial Ltd £12.42 per hour  Open  Part-time 30/01/2024 Apply by:13/02/2024Reference:13089


Directorate of Technology, Estates & Facilities £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Open  Full-time  To be confirmed 30/01/2024 Apply by:27/02/2024Reference:13090

IT Analyst and Customer Support Officer

PCMIS Health Technologies Limited £30,487 – £34,980 a year  Open  Full-time  wc 19 February 2024 30/01/2024 Apply by:15/02/2024Reference:13074

Lecturer in Forensic Speech Science

Language and Linguistic Science £44,263-£54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  15/03/24 24/01/2024 Apply by:20/02/2024Reference:13050

Lecturer in Nursing

Health Sciences £44,262 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 15/01/2024 Apply by:12/02/2024Reference:13032

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Accounting and Finance (T&R)

School for Business and Society £44,263 – £64,914 per year  Open  Full-time  W/C 15/04/2024 22/01/2024 Apply by:03/03/2024Reference:12908

Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Psychology in Education

Education £44,263 – £64,914  Open  Full-time 01/02/2024 Apply by:29/02/2024Reference:13072

Lloyd’s Register Foundation Senior Research Fellow Safety of Autonomy and AI

Computer Science £56,021 – £64,914 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  w/c 11th March 2024 19/01/2024 Apply by:16/02/2024Reference:13010

PA / Administrator

Archaeology £27,181 – £30,487 a year  Open  Part-time  5 March 2024 23/01/2024 Apply by:12/02/2024Reference:12932

PDRA Developing Sustainable Polymers for Liquid Formulations

Chemistry £36,024 – £44,263 per year, reduced pro rata for part time working  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available) 23/01/2024 Apply by:18/02/2024Reference:13059

PDRA developing sustainability prediction tools for biobased monomers for PLFs

Chemistry £36,024 – £44,263 a year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 24/01/2024 Apply by:21/02/2024Reference:13040

PDRA in Natural Product Synthesis

Chemistry £36,024-£44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 08/01/2024 Apply by:05/02/2024Reference:12973

Post-Doctoral Research Associate in Palaeoecology

Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity £36,024 – £44,63 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  March 2024 22/12/2023 Apply by:05/02/2024Reference:12994

Professor of Global Business and Development

School for Business and Society Commensurate with experience on the Professorial scale (minimum £71,337)  Open  Full-time (flexibility available)  23/04/2024 25/01/2024 Apply by:23/03/2024Reference:13049

Project Coordinator

Hull York Medical School £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 22/01/2024 Apply by:07/02/2024Reference:13057

Project Support Officer

Health Sciences £30,487 to £34,980 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 16/01/2024 Apply by:09/02/2024Reference:13017

Reader (Associate Professor) / Senior Lecturer in Statistical Data Science

Mathematics £61,198 – £68,857 per year  Open  Full-time  February 2024 12/12/2023 Apply by:06/02/2024Reference:12921

Reader / Senior Lecturer / Lecturer in Statistical Data Science

Mathematics £44,263-£68,857 per year  Open  Full-time  23/02/2024 04/01/2024 Apply by:06/02/2024Reference:12983

Research Active Business Development and Delivery Manager

Computer Science £56,021 – £64,914 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  w/c 11th March 2024 26/01/2024 Apply by:23/02/2024Reference:13015

Research Associate

Psychology £36,026 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 01/02/2024 Apply by:22/02/2024Reference:13076

Research Associate

Environment and Geography £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available) 15/01/2024 Apply by:12/02/2024Reference:13013

Research Associate

Health Sciences £36,024 to £44,263 per year (reduced pro rata for part time working)  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 16/01/2024 Apply by:09/02/2024Reference:13003

Research Associate

Psychology £36,024 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 02/02/2024 Apply by:01/03/2024Reference:13069

Research Associate / Research Fellow

Computer Science £36,024 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 25/01/2024 Apply by:23/02/2024Reference:13045

Research Associate / Research Fellow

Computer Science £36,024 – £54,395 a year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 25/01/2024 Apply by:23/02/2024Reference:13046

Research Associate in High Energy Density Science

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time 12/01/2024 Apply by:08/02/2024Reference:13009

Research Associate in Indoor Air Chemistry

Environment and Geography £36,024 – £44,263  Fixed term  Full-time  20th March 2024 22/01/2024 Apply by:19/02/2024Reference:13051

Research Associate in Statistics

Mathematics £36,024 – £44,263 a year  Fixed term  Full-time  25th March 2024 01/02/2024 Apply by:13/03/2024Reference:13067

Research Environment and Development Coordinator

Faculty of Sciences £36,024 – £44,263 per year, reduced pro rata for part-time working  Open  Part-time  05/03/2024 01/02/2024 Apply by:21/02/2024Reference:13094

Research Fellow in Computer Vision and Machine Learning

School of Arts and Creative Technologies £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 01/02/2024 Apply by:18/02/2024Reference:13068

Research Fellowship in Anthropocene Biodiversity and in Societal Change

Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  March 2024 15/01/2024 Apply by:12/02/2024Reference:12998

Safety Advisor

Faculty of Sciences £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Open  Full-time 10/01/2024 Apply by:07/02/2024Reference:12986

Sous Chef

York Commercial Ltd £28,500 per annum  Open  Full-time 03/01/2024 Apply by:18/02/2024Reference:13000

Sous Chef (Events)

York Commercial Ltd £28,500 per annum  Open  Full-time 30/06/2023 Apply by:18/02/2024Reference:11737

Student Support Associate

Student and Academic Services £27,181 – £30,487 per year (reduced pro rata for part-time working)  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 02/02/2024 Apply by:15/02/2024Reference:13093

Swimming Assistant

York Commercial Ltd £12.00 per hour  Open  Part-time 02/02/2024 Apply by:18/02/2024Reference:13102

Technical Specialist in Immersive Audio

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 31/01/2024 Apply by:14/02/2024Reference:13086

Timetabling and Room Booking Administrator

Directorate of Technology, Estates & Facilities £25,138 – £27,181 per year  Open  Full-time  19 February 2024 24/01/2024 Apply by:11/02/2024

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