Postdoctoral Scholarships at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Postdoc position in signal processing for distributed radar15/03/2024
Postdoctoral positions in Quantum Nanophotonics10/03/2024
Postdoc position to the Computing Science division05/03/2024
Postdoc in molecular modeling for data-driven materials discovery05/03/2024
PostDoc in Physics-informed AI-digital twin systems for efficient shipping02/03/2024
Postdoc position on Optical interconnects in harsh environments01/03/2024
Postdoc position on Phase-sensitive optical parametric amplifiers01/03/2024
Post doc position on thermo-chemical recycling of plastic waste01/03/2024
Post doctoral position within delignification of recycled and waste wood29/02/2024
Post doctoral position within cellulose conversions in the NaOH(aq)/CO2 system29/02/2024
Postdoc position Synthesis of oxyhydrides for catalytic CO2 utilisation28/02/2024
Post-Doc in AI Engineering – processes and products28/02/2024
Post-doc in energy systems modeling25/02/2024
Postdoc position in Surface Sensitive Biological Imaging24/02/2024
Postdoc position in Yeast Systems Biology20/02/2024
Postdoc in Mass Spectrometry for Laboratory Automation18/02/2024
Post doc in DNA/bacterial analysis in low resource settings15/02/2024
Postdoctoral fellow in communications and coding for channels with memory15/02/2024
Postdoc position in 6G Wireless Security with Focus on Physical Layer14/02/2024
Postdoc position in Adaptive Radio Slicing in 6G Confluent Wireless Access – Optical Transport14/02/2024
Postdoc position in Sustainable 6G Design w. focus on D-MIMO for Joint Communications-Sensing14/02/2024
Postdoc researcher in quantum network systems14/02/2024
Postdoc position in biomaterials based polymer-binder materials for battery11/02/2024
Doctor in identifying DNA damage using single molecule imaging09/02/2024
Postdoc position in Machine Learning08/02/2024

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