Postdoctoral Scholarships at Zurich University, located in the city of Zürich, is the largest university in Switzerland

FunktionAnstellung %Institut / Bereich
PostDoc Position in Statistics, Psychometrics or Machine Learning60 -100 %Department of Psychology of the University of Zurich, Chair of Psychological Methods, Evaluation and Statistics held by Prof. Dr. Carolin Strobl
Lecturer-Teaching: Theoretische Philosophie100 %Philosophisches Seminar
Lecturer Teaching: Theoretical Philosophy100 %Philosophisches Seminar
Oberassistenz Islamwissenschaft80 %Asien-Orient-Institut (AOI) / Islamwissenschaft
PostDoc (“Oberassistenz”) Islamic Studies80 %Institute of Asian and Oriental Studies / Islamic Studies
Postdoctoral position in Social Science/Human Geography100 %Department of Geography
Postdoc-Stelle in Sozialwissenschaften/ Humangeographie100 %Geographisches Institut
Senior Research and Teaching Associate / Postdoc Position, Media & Internet Governance Division, IKMZ80 %IKMZ – Department of Communication and Media Research; Media & Internet Governance Division
Oberassistent:in / Postdoc in der Abteilung Medien & Internet Governance des IKMZ80 %IKMZ – Institut für Kommunikationswissenschaft und Medienforschung; Abteilung Medien & Internet Governance
Postdoctoral Researcher – Demand4Restoration: Considering local demand for more effective Restoration in Madagascar80 -100 %Department of Geography

Postdoc im SNF Forschungsprojekt „Changing Neuroticism through Psychological Treatment“
70 %Psychologisches Institut,
Differenzielle Psychologie und Diagnostik
Lecturer Teaching in the field of geography and digital transformation (Spatial Data Science)100 %Department of Geography
PhD position in human metabolism and breath analysis (Innosuisse-project)100 %University Hospital Zurich (USZ), Department of Endocrinology, Diabetology and Clinical Nutrition
Lecturer Teaching im Bereich Geographie und digitale Transformation (Spatial Data Science)100 %Geographisches Institut
Formulation Scientist80 -100 %Institute of Pharmacology and Toxikology, Group of Prof. Gerald Schwank
Postdoctoral Researcher – OBSGESSION: Observation of Ecosystem Changes for Action80 -100 %Department of Geography
Researcher – Greening up UZH for climate80 -100 %Department of Geography
Postdoctoral Position in Stem Cell Biology and Tumorigenesis100 %Institute of Anatomy
Postdoctoral Researcher80 -100 %Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
Senior Assistantship in English Literary Studies90 %English Department
Postdoc in genetics of arthropod vector – pathogen interactions80 -100 %Institute of Parasitology
Vektor Entomology

Postdoc Fellow with a focus on applied statistics and interest in medicine, technology and policy
50 -100 %Faculty of Law, Academic Chair Prof. Dr. iur. et Dr. med. Kerstin Noëlle Vokinger, LL.M.
Postdoctoral researcher position in Earth System Modelling80 -100 %Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
Postdoctoral position70 -80 %Department of Evolutionary Biology and Environmental Studies
Postdoc Positions in Cognitive Neuroscience of Language80 %Department of Comparative Language Science
Postdoc Positions in Data Science or Related Fields80 %Department of Comparative Language Science
Postdoc Positions in Language Science80 %Department of Comparative Language Science at the University of Zurich (UZH)
Postdoctoral Position for one year60 -80 %Center for Reproducible Science
Postdoctoral Researcher – image analysis/bioinformatics – Spatio-temporal genome and oncogene organization in cancer80 -100 %Sarcoma and Anesthetics Research Department, Balgrist University Hospital
Lecturer in Provenance Research100 %Institute for Art History
Post-doctoral researcher “The Responsible City”100 %Department of Geography
Post-doctoral position in cilia biology100 %Department of Molecular Life Sciences
Postdoctoral Researcher in the Economics of Inequality and Public Policy100 %Department of Economics

50 %Rechtswissenschaftliche Fakultät

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