Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities

Postdoctoral researcher in computational linguistics focused on multimodal NLPPAR 2024/482024-06-03
Postdoctoral Researcher in Computational Linguistics and/or Cognitive Science, one or morePAR 2024/472024-03-14
ResearcherPAR 2024/1712024-03-04
Forskare, inst för odontologiPAR 2024/1542024-02-29
Associate senior lecturer in social workPAR 2024/82024-03-21
ResearcherPAR 2024/1632024-02-29
Reseacher, institute of OdontologyPAR 2024/1542024-02-29
Postdoctor in NeurochemistryPAR 2024/1402024-02-28
Postdoctoral fellow in microbiology and mucosal immunologyPAR 2024/162024-03-07
PhD position in the HORIZON Marie Skłodowska-Curie Action (MSCA) Doctoral Network ArCHe “Archaeological Coastal Heritage: Past, present and future of a hidden prehistoric legacy”PAR 2024/1562024-03-06
Research assistentPAR 2024/1532024-02-28
Five doctoral positions in Education/Educational workPAR 2024/1442024-03-20
Doctoral student in PsychologyPAR 2024/1282024-03-18
ResearcherPAR 2024/1412024-02-26
Project assistant in biodiversity informatics2024-02-23
Project assistantsPAR 2024/1362024-02-23
PhD student in Physical Chemistry with a focus on molecular photophysicsPAR 2024/962024-02-28
Postdoctor in Image AnalysisPAR 2024/1232024-02-22
Scientific editorPAR 2024/1132024-02-20
Doctoral student in sociology, within the project “Just Transitions in Agri-Food Systems: Environmental and Political-Economic Transformations in Rural Areas”PAR 2023/13902024-02-26

Postdoctoral fellow in Development of fiducial markers for cryo-EM
PAR 2024/802024-02-20
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Predicting treatment response in breast cancerPAR 2024/882024-02-19
Associate Researcher (Research Infrastructure Expert), Core FacilitiesPAR 2024/932024-03-04
Postdoctor in endocrinology and inborn errors of metabolismPAR 2024/1002024-03-01
Doctoral student in Marine GeologyPAR 2024/1042024-03-20
ResearcherPAR 2024/1142024-02-19
Postdoctoral fellow in Cryo EM-studies of mitochondrial DNA transcriptionPAR 2024/782024-02-15
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Innate immunity and inflamm-agingPAR 2024/242024-02-22
ResearcherPAR 2024/972024-02-15
Doctoral student in biology with focus on plant ecophysiologyPAR 2024/22024-02-22
ResearcherPAR 2024/982024-02-14
PhD Student in Quantum error correctionPAR 2024/792024-03-22
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Skeletal biologyPAR 2024/262024-02-22
Doctoral student in Medical Science – GlycobiologyPAR 2024/252024-02-22
Doctoral student in Medical Science – New therapies for blocking cancer metastasisPAR 2024/272024-02-22
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Register-based epilepsy researchPAR 2024/282024-02-22
Post-doc working with Antarctic mooring dataPAR 2024/562024-03-01
Postdoctoral researcher in Information systems Twin transitionPAR 2024/722024-02-12
Doctoral student in Computational Linguistics and/or Cognitive SciencePAR 2024/682024-02-29
Senior Lecturer in General Medicine combined with employment as a Specialist Physician in General MedicinePAR 2024/432024-02-29
Postdoctor in NeurochemistryPAR 2024/712024-02-08

Postdoctoral fellow in cancer research with focus on extracellular vesicles
PAR 2024/672024-02-25
Postdoctoral fellow in human pregnancy epidemiology / genomicsPAR 2024/602024-02-06
Senior Lecturer in MathematicsPAR 2023/13672024-03-01
PhD student in mathematical statistics with focus on marked point processesPAR 2023/14042024-02-19
PhD student in computational biologyPAR 2023/14012024-02-19
PhD student in computational mathematicsPAR 2023/13982024-02-19
PhD student in mathematics with a focus on educational sciencePAR 2023/14462024-02-19
Associate Senior Lecturers in Molecular medicine at Gothenburg UniversityPAR 2023/14592024-02-20
Associate senior lecturer in public administrationPAR 2023/12982024-03-01
3 PhD positions in Applied Mathematics and StatisticsPAR 2023/13942024-02-19
Associate Senior Lecturer in Molecular MedicinePAR 2023/12962024-02-15
PhD student position in mathematicsPAR 2023/14242024-02-19
1-2 Senior Lecturers in Business Administration with Specialisation in Management AccountingPAR 2023/10952024-02-16

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