The Paul Scherrer Institute PSI in Switzerland invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Academic Positions, the largest research institute for natural and engineering sciences within Switzerland

DescriptionCode digit
PhD StudentsModelling and Experiments for Nuclear Electric Propulsion Systems4100-00
IT-Workplace Engineer80 – 100%9523-00
Postdoctoral FellowCatalytic conversion of CO2 under reactive vapor permeation conditions5702-00
Kontrollraum Techniker*in 80-100 %8111-00
Accelerator physicist 80-100%8111-00
Postdoctoral FellowInvestigation of the stress corrosion cracking and environmental-assisted fatigue behaviour of stainless steels in primary pressurized water reactor environment4603-01
PhD StudentCatalytic Hydrothermal Liquefaction to quality biocrude5101-02
PhD StudentOptimizing Electron Beam Transport and Compression in SwissFEL8122-00
Postdoctoral FellowOn the environmental assessment of decarbonization strategies in the European industry sector in the context of the Green Deal4501‐00
Studentische Hilfskraft20 % bzw. 1 Tag pro Woche3202-00
Assistenz Schülerlabor und Abteilungsleitung Kommunikation9714-00
PhD StudentAnalytics of algal biomass conversion and bio‐oil composition5101-01
Scientist (Tenure Track)In Radiopharmaceutical Sciences2211-00
Postdoctoral Fellowin Lithium battery cathode materials5412-03
Fachspezialist*in Safety mit Erfahrung im Brandschutz9670-00
Postdoctoral Fellowin protein crystallography2011-00
Techniker/in FH/HFMit Schwerpunkt Aufbau und Wartung chemischer Versuchsanlagen sowie Gasmanagement5101-00
Fachperson Bildung und Vermittlung80 %9711-00
TraineeCorrosion behaviour and surface microstructure (stability) of cavitation-peened surfaces on Alloy 1824603-T1
Postdoctoral FellowNet-Zero optimization of cementitious materials4403-00
PhD StudentAdvanced iron-zeolites for NOx control in exhaust gases5100-00
Instandhaltungsfachmann / Instandhaltungsfachfrau9372-02
Fachhochschulpraktikant*in Maschinenbau (Product Development / Modell A)PiBS M
Postdoctoral FellowProperties of liquids under high gas pressures3304-00
Fachhochschulpraktikant*in Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen (Modell A)PiBS WING
Gruppenleiter*in Abrechnung & Reporting9112-00
Gruppenleiter*inStrahlenüberwachung Areal West9642-05
Naturwissenschaftler*in, Ingenieur*in80 – 100 %9623-02
Hardware development group leader (80 – 100 %)8222-00
Software Ingenieur*in3606-00
PhD StudentCobalt Depletion by inorganic sorbents4702-00
Gruppenleiter*in Hardware Entwicklung (80 – 100 %)8222-00
Postdoctoral Researcher (EPFL)Superconducting Magnet Design
Postdoctoral FellowTuning Quantum Materials by Hydrostatic and Uniaxial Pressure3601-00
Projektassistenz Baumanagement80 – 100 %9210-01
Gruppenleiter*in Restauration und Catering9173‐00
Projektleiter*in Bauherrenvertretung80 – 100 %9210-00
Technische*n Mitarbeiter*inStrahlenschutzfachkraft9641-00
Assistent*in 60 % – 80 %8100-00
Senior Embedded Software Engineer 80-100 %8211-00
Elektronik-Techniker*in 80-100%8223-01
Techniker*in für supraleitende Magnete8433-01
Postdoctoral FellowDevelopment of micro- and nanofabrication technologies6712-00
PhD StudentApplying machine-learning techniques in developing models for severe accident analysis4103-00
Postdoctoral Fellow Ultrafast Processes in Laser Manufacturing 80-100%8123-00
ScientistTenure Track3303-00
Postdoctoral FellowFinite Element Modeling of Residual Stress in Multiple Pass Dissimilar Metal Welding4603-02
Instrument Scientist (Tenure Track)Ultrafast atomic, molecular and non – linear science at the Maloja endstation6415-00
Postdoctoral FellowProject ’Exploration of Magnetic Topologies by Neutron Scattering’3301-01
PhD StudentProject ’Exploration of Magnetic Topologies by Neutron Scattering’3301-00
TraineeHTS magnetic shield for muons injection channel8431-T1
TraineeHigh gradient RF guns for Future Particle Accelerators8414-T2
Polymechanikerin – Polymechaniker EFZ
TraineeDevelopment of a low β RF cavity for the SLS linac8414-T1
Postdoctoral Fellowon synchrotron studies of heterostructure quantum materials6516-00

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