Stockholm University in Sweden invites application for vacant Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions, a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden.

Research assistant in songbird field work (temporary employment)Department of Zoology31/03/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow – Forest-based Climate Change MitigationStockholm Resilience Centre17/03/2024
Laboratory Assistant, Exposure and Effects UnitDepartment of Environmental Science13/03/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Tropical PrecipitationDepartment of Meteorology03/03/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in life history functional genomicsDepartment of Zoology01/03/2024
Data analyst in AI-based sound detection (temporary employment)Department of Zoology01/03/2024
Postdoctoral fellow in Advancing Seafloor Mapping through Machine Learning for Bathymetric Data CompilationDepartment of Geological Sciences01/03/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Human-Computer InteractionDepartment of Computer and Systems Sciences29/02/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Materials ChemistryDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry28/02/2024
Research Assistant (temporary employment)Department of Public Health Sciences23/02/2024

Postdoctoral Fellow in Reversible Lignin Chemistry
Dep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry22/02/2024
Research Assistant (fixed-term employment)Department of Sociology20/02/2024
Researcher in Quantum Communication (temporary employment)Department of Physics19/02/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Stellar SpectroscopyDepartment of Astronomy16/02/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Landscape EcologyDepartment of Physical Geography15/02/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow on Soil carbon cyclingDepartment of Physical Geography15/02/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Extragalactic AstrophysicsDepartment of Astronomy15/02/2024
Associate Professor in experimental astroparticle physics with focus on astrophysical neutrinosDepartment of Physics15/02/2024
Researcher in Political Science with orientation towards Comparative Environmental PolicyDepartment of Political Science13/02/2024
Assistant Professor in Low temperature geochemistryDepartment of Geological Sciences12/02/2024

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