The University of Turku in Finland invites application to vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, , is the third largest university in Finland as measured by student enrollment

Faculty of MedicineID 20202Postdoctoral Researcher (Neuroimmunology & Imaging)Ends on: 03/15/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

School of Languages and Translation StudiesID 20233University Teacher in German (fixed-term)Ends on: 03/14/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

School of Languages and Translation StudiesID 20234University Teacher in GermanEnds on: 03/14/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Turku Bioscience CentreID 202111-2 Doctoral / Project Researchers in Medical BioinformaticsEnds on: 03/04/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Institute of BiomedicineID 20213Postdoctoral Researcher in Biomedical Data AnalysisEnds on: 02/29/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

School of Languages and Translation StudiesID 20189Assistant or Associate Professor (tenure track) in Evolutionary Language SciencesEnds on: 02/28/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of BiologyID 20191Assistant or Associate Professor in Evolutionary Health (Tenure Track)Ends on: 02/28/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of BiologyID 20190Assistant or Associate Professor (Tenure Track) in ArchaeogenomicsEnds on: 02/28/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of Physics and AstronomyID 20168Postdoctoral Researcher, Space Research LaboratoryEnds on: 02/26/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

ID 20178Internship at the Finland Futures Research CentreEnds on: 02/26/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of Life TechnologiesID 20180Doctoral Researcher to investigate the regulation of photosynthesisEnds on: 02/26/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

INVEST Research Flagship CentreID 20207Project CoordinatorEnds on: 02/23/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of Mathematics and StatisticsID 20173Postdoctoral Researcher, Discrete MathematicsEnds on: 02/20/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of Geography and GeologyID 20159Assistant / Associate Professor (Tenure Track) in Applied Bedrock Geology and MinerologyEnds on: 02/19/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of Geography and GeologyID 20160Associate / Assistant Professor (Tenure Track) in Applied Environmental GeologyEnds on: 02/19/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Department of Mechanical and Materials EngineeringID 20175One Postdoctoral researcher and one doctoral researcher/project researcher in Industrial Engineering and ManagementEnds on: 02/19/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

Institute of BiomedicineID 20117Postdoctoral Researcher / Senior Researcher in B cells and virusesEnds on: 02/15/2024 16:00 (UTC+2)

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