The Vrije Universiteit in Netherlands invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, a university in Amsterdam, Netherlands, founded in 1880

PhD postiion on Health and Economic Outcomes of Early Dementia Diagnosis0.9 / 0.9Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on19-3-2024This project will study the interplay between the timing and quality of dementia diagnosis, and the indirect consequences of dementia on health and healthcare costs.View vacancy

Postdoc: Valuing and co-creating green adaptation measures for climate extremes0.8 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on1-3-2024Are you interested in drought and flood risk governance? Do you want to help co-create adaptation pathways? Do you want to evaluate the benefits of nature-based solutions and their effectiveness? Please apply at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.View vacancy

Postdoc position on Micro- and nanoplastics analysis in human samplesFaculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on22-3-2024Are you passionate to contribute to the human exposure assessment of micro- and nanoplastics? Would you like to work in a multi-disciplinary, international team? Apply for this position at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam!View vacancy

PhD position in Molecular Spectroscopy – Precision measurements of trapped H2+0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on30-4-2024This PhD project is about precision measurements of weakly-bound states of H2+ in the THz range to test QED predictions. Molecular ions are selectively prepared using Rydberg states, trapped, and sympathetically cooled using Be+ ions.View vacancy

Junior lecturer in computer science0.8 / 1Faculty of ScienceTeacherMScCloses on11-3-2024Are you passionate about Computer Science Education? Do you want to help us educate the next generation of Computer Science experts? Then, please, consider applying for a junior lecturer position at the Department of Computer Science of VU Amsterdam.View vacancy

Junior lecturer in high-performance scientific computing0.8 / 1Faculty of ScienceTeacherMScCloses on11-3-2024Are you passionate about teaching in the areas of Parallel Programming and Scientific Computing? Do you want to help us educate the next generation of High-performance Computing experts? Then apply as a junior lecturer at VU Amsterdam.View vacancy

Post doc position in Health Economics: Food at social gatherings0.8 / 1School of Business and EconomicsResearcher / PostdocMScCloses on15-3-2024A Postdoctoral Fellow position is available at the department of Marketing of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam starting from Spring 2024. Are you interested? Please apply at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.View vacancy

PhD Climate sciences0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on1-4-2024Help our team to unravel the mechanisms of centennial variability in the large-scale ocean circulationView vacancy

Student assistent video production0.2 / 0.4Student & Educational AffairsTechnical support staff, Development & Innovation, Remaining supportAssociate / BachelorCloses on26-2-2024Can you see yourself in a recording studio recording teachers’ knowledge clips? Would you like to supervise teachers during the recording and is video editing already a hobby of yours? Then apply now at the VU Education Lab!View vacancy

PhD Position in Computational Optical Techniques for Imaging the Retina0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on31-3-2024Are you seeking an exciting PhD position in a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research field? Do you possess a keen interest in optics, numerical techniques, and biomedicine?View vacancy

PosDoc Experimental evolution0.8 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on25-2-2024PostDoc Experimental EvolutionView vacancy

Post Doc: Statistical physics of chromosomes1 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocMScCloses on30-6-2024The Broedersz group (Theoretical physics of life) has an ERC funded opening for a 3-year Post Doc position on the statistical and dynamic organization of chromosomes.View vacancy

PhD Global Flood Hydrology1 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on3-4-2024Are you keen to contribute to preparing society for increasing flood risks worldwide? Would you like to become an expert on the global water cycle? Please apply!View vacancy

PhD student Experimental Evolution0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on25-2-2024View vacancy

PhD: Statistical physics of chromosomes1 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on30-6-2024The Broedersz group (Theoretical physics of life) has an ERC funded opening for a four-year PhD student position on the statistical physics of chromosomes.View vacancy

Postdoc position: Multi-hazard climate risk assessment1 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on1-3-2024Are you keen to contribute to increasing climate-resilience in Europe? Would you like to study how various natural hazard risks are interlinked and develop in the future under scenarios of climate change? Please apply.View vacancy

PhD position in AMO Physics – Laser cooling the Helium dimer0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on30-4-2024This PhD project is about the first direct laser cooling and trapping of a homonuclear diatomic molecule – He_2. Precision measurements of Rydberg states will allow QED tests and provide the polarizability of He atoms for a quantum pressure standard.View vacancy

PhD in quantum enhanced sensing with trapped ions (QUESTIONs project)0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on31-5-2024Are you interested in developing quantum technology for sensing and metrology applications and are you highly motivated? Apply to join the QUantum Enhanced Sensing with Trapped-IONs (QUESTIONs) project in the group of Dr. Laura Dreissen!View vacancy

Postdoc on Ethnography of Robots at work0.8 / 1School of Business and EconomicsResearcher / PostdocMScAre you an experienced ethnographic researcher with a PhD on the topic of technology and work? Then consider applying for a postdoc to continue your research and specialize on the topic of robotics at work!View vacancy

PhD in Ultrafast Phototransient Imaging and Spectroscopy1 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on1-3-2024As part of our ERC StG funded PIRO project, you will develop and apply a novel non-linear ultrafast phototransient infrared microscope for biological and biomedical applications.View vacancy

Ass. prof. in Transformative Learning for Inter- and Transdisciplinary Education0.8 / 1Faculty of ScienceAssistant ProfessorPostdocCloses on20-2-2024As assistant professor in Transformative Learning for Inter- and Trandisciplinary Education you will play a key role in shaping the educational experience of our students while contributing to cutting-edge research that spans multiple disciplines.View vacancy

Promovendus0.8 / 1Faculty of Behavioural and Movement SciencesPhDMScCloses on30-4-2024View vacancy

PhD candidate; protein transport across the unique mycobacterial outer membrane1 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on29-2-2024We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated PhD candidate to join Dr. Edith Houben’s team in the Molecular Microbiology Section of the Amsterdam Institute for Life and Environment (A-LIFE).View vacancy

PhD position: Mechanisms of sensory perception in cortex1 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on31-3-2024The Cortical Microcircuits and In Vivo Neurophysiology teams are looking for a talented PhD candidate for a 4-year project that will be carried out at the Integrative Neurophysiology (INF) division at CNCR / Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.View vacancy

PhD Plasmonic light-driven catalysis under dynamic conditions0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on25-2-2024Do you want to experimentally explore how catalytic nanoparticles can be stimulated to work harder and more selectively by rapidly changing their temperature? Join our enthusiastic and diverse group of scientists studying photoconversion materials!View vacancy

PhD – Metal-Free Perovskites for Energy-efficient Multifunctional Devices0.8 / 1Faculty of SciencePhDMScCloses on29-2-2024Are you eager to deepen your understanding of material structure and properties, using advanced experimental techniques? Are you excited about working on new materials and contribute to the energy transition?View vacancy

DEPARTMENT HEAD OF MOVEMENT SCIENCES1 / 1Faculty of Behavioural and Movement SciencesProfessor, Associate ProfessorPostdocCloses on29-2-2024Do you want to combine management and scientific research and teaching? As department head in the Department of Movement Sciences you will have that opportunity. Apply at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU).View vacancy

PhD candidate for the project ‘Navigating strategic paradoxes’School of Business and EconomicsPhDMScCloses on15-3-2024Do you have a keen research orientation, are you strongly committed to research quality and productivity, do you proactively pursue educational innovation, and are you stimulating teamwork? Then please apply.View vacancy

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