The University of Warwick in United Kingdom invites application for vacant Research and Academic Positions, a public research university on the outskirts of Coventry between the West Midlands and Warwickshire, England.

Maintenance Technician (Electrical bias) (108717-0424)14/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Fellow (109046-0424)15/05/2024, 11:55pm
Teaching Fellow – German Studies (103501-0424)15/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Fellow (109068-0525)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Procurement Coordinator (22060-0524)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Principal Engineer – Battery Testing & Characterisation (108605-0524)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Lead Engineer (AgriTech) – Software (109024-0524)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Support Coordinator (Grants and Contracts) (108429 -0424)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Operations Co-ordinator (72124-0424)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Builder Supervisor (105855-0424)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Fellow (109027-0424)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Contracts Supervisor (Electrical) (105948-0424)16/05/2024, 11:55pm
Associate Professor of Molecular Cardiology (108437-0424)17/05/2024, 11:55pm
Cleaning Assistant x3 (109089-0524)19/05/2024, 11:55pm
Lead Engineer (AgriTech) – Mechanical and Robotic Design (109023-0423)19/05/2024, 11:55pm
Assistant Professor (Research Focussed) (Hydrogen Supply Chain) (108651-0424)19/05/2024, 11:55pm
Senior Research Software Engineer (107758-0424)19/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Software Engineer (108723-0424)19/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Fellow (108915-0424)19/05/2024, 11:55pm
Research Fellow (105145-0424)20/05/2024, 11:55pm
Gardener (107369-0424)20/05/2024, 11:55pm
Student Records Assistant x2 (21658-0424)20/05/2024, 11:55pm
Assistant Relationship Manager (102664-0424)21/05/2024, 11:55pm
Assistant Professor (Research Focussed) in AI Safety (109047-0424)22/05/2024, 11:55pm
Cinema Projection & AV Technician (Warwick Arts Centre) (105956-0424)22/05/2024, 11:55pm
Reward Analyst (23616-0525)23/05/2024, 11:55pm
Transport Operations Supervisor (108802-0424)23/05/2024, 11:55pm
Project Engineer (108910-0524)26/05/2024, 11:55pm
Engineering Technician – Winding Centre (106676-0524)26/05/2024, 11:55pm
Senior Support Technician x2 (102943-0424)26/05/2024, 11:55pm
Senior PA (Maternity Cover) (108919-0424)26/05/2024, 11:55pm
Audience Development Officer (73330-0424)27/05/2024, 11:55pm
Digital Communications Officer (109015-0424)28/05/2024, 11:55pm
Associate Director (Communications) (108029-0424)02/06/2024, 11:55pm
UX/UI Designer (108960-0424)02/06/2024, 11:55pm
HR Coordinator (106958-0524)05/06/2024, 11:55pm
Research Associate (107446-0525)05/06/2024, 11:55pm
Teaching Fellow (109083-0524)06/06/2024, 11:55pm
Platform Manager – Nanofabrication (108349-0524)09/06/2024, 11:55pm
Teaching Fellow in Contract Law (109078-0525)09/06/2024, 11:55pm
Engineering Technician (80957-0525)09/06/2024, 11:55pm
Research Fellow (109111-0524)11/06/2024, 11:55pm
Philanthropy Officer (Legacy and Planned Giving) (109038-0424)16/06/2024, 11:55pm
Assistant Professor (Teaching Focussed) (109081-0525)19/06/2024, 11:55pm

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