Faculty Positions at Purdue University in United States, a public research university in West Lafayette, Indiana, United States.

Clinical Assistant Professor SLHSWL FacultyReq Id29462

Clinical or Tenure Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Veterinary Diagnostic ImagingWL FacultyReq Id31380

Clinical or Tenure, Assistant/Associate/Full Professor, Veterinary AnesthesiologyWL FacultyReq Id31379

Clinical Assistant Professor in AudiologyWL FacultyReq Id31536

Assistant Professor of PracticeWL FacultyReq Id30245

Visiting Assistant ProfessorWL FacultyReq Id31052

Clinical Associate Professor or Clinical ProfessorWL FacultyReq Id30887

GIS Specialist and Clinical Assistant ProfessorWL FacultyReq Id30857

Lecturer, Small Animal Internal Medicine/Nephrology/UrologyWL FacultyReq Id31059

Lecturer in MISWL FacultyReq Id28863

Assistant/Associate Clinical Professor, Teaching and Learning in EntomologyWL FacultyReq Id30648

SoET Assistant/Associate Professor of PracticeWL FacultyReq Id30639

Assistant Professor of PracticeWL FacultyReq Id30641

SoET Assistant Professor of PracticeWL FacultyReq Id30640

Clinical Professor EconomicsWL FacultyReq Id30619

Clinical Assistant Professor of Teaching and Learning in Forestry and Natural ResourcesWL FacultyReq Id30900

Assistant Professor of NursingWL FacultyReq Id30348

Visiting Assistant Professor in Higher EducationWL FacultyReq Id30688

Kinesiology LecturerWL FacultyReq Id30551

EAPS Professor Visiting AssistantWL FacultyReq Id30107

Clinical Assistant Professor in American Political InstitutionsWL FacultyReq Id30253

Clinical Assistant Professor of Agronomy in Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrient ManagementWL FacultyReq Id29779

Associate/Full Professor and O.W. Rollins/Orkin Endowed Chair in Urban EntomologyWL FacultyReq Id29849

Director of the Institute for Physical Artificial Intelligence (IPAI)WL FacultyReq Id29975

Dept Head/Professor EAPSWL FacultyReq Id29719

Clinical Assistant or Associate Professor of Environmental ScienceWL FacultyReq Id29661

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor in Sport ManagementWL FacultyReq Id29269

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor Health and KinesiologyWL FacultyReq Id28742

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor, Veterinary DermatologyWL FacultyReq Id25042

Assistant Professor of Quantum Information ScienceWL FacultyReq Id28704

Assistant/Associate Professor of Practice in Computer ScienceWL FacultyReq Id29263

Post Doc Research AssociateWL FacultyReq Id29387

Assistant Professor of Practice in StatisticsWL FacultyReq Id28788

Belcher Chair/Professor of FNRWL FacultyReq Id29063

Assistant or Associate Professor of Practice in Computer and Information TechnologyWL FacultyReq Id28886

Research Professor and Director, Center for Global Trade AnalysisWL FacultyReq Id27946

Research Assistant Professor of Bioprocess EngineeringWL FacultyReq Id29126

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor, Small Animal Primary CareWL FacultyReq Id28547

Faculty Position in Purdue ComputesWL FacultyReq Id28792

LecturerWL FacultyReq Id28498

Assistant/Associate/Full Professor of Engineering Practice – Aeronautics & Astronautics EngineeringWL FacultyReq Id28756

Professor of Engineering Practice (with focus on teaching) – Electrical and Computer EngineeringWL FacultyReq Id28754

Associate Professor of Quantum Information ScienceWL FacultyReq Id28723

Assistant Professor in the Broad Area of Social Genomics, Behavior Genomics and Related FieldsWL FacultyReq Id28671

Department HeadWL FacultyReq Id28729

Assistant Professor in Plant BiologyWL FacultyReq Id28535

Head of the Department of Psychological SciencesWL FacultyReq Id28401

Golomb Visiting Assistant ProfessorWL FacultyReq Id28443

Clinical Assistant Professor – Special EducationWL FacultyReq Id28283

Assistant Professor in Sociology-CriminologyWL FacultyReq Id28318

Clinical or Tenure Assistant or Associate Professor, Soft Tissue SurgeryWL FacultyReq Id26649

Clinical Assistant/Associate Professor of Online Programs in Food ScienceWL FacultyReq Id27145

Clinical Assistant Professor in NursingWL FacultyReq Id25869

Research Assistant Professor of Digital ForestryWL FacultyReq Id23832

Professor AssociateWL FacultyReq Id23579

Assistant Professor, NeurologyWL FacultyReq Id23361

Assistant/Associate ProfessorWL FacultyReq Id23266

Professor Clinical/Professional AssistantWL FacultyReq Id22798

Visiting Assistant ProfessorWL FacultyReq Id19705

LecturerWL FacultyReq Id17948

Post Doc Research AssociateWL FacultyReq Id15070

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