PhD Scholarships at Technical University of Denmark, a university in Kongens Lyngby, among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

PhD scholarship in Quantum Information Security and Randomness Certification – DTU PhysicsKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/24/2024At DTU Physics, we seek an excellent candidate to develop next-generation ultra-secure quantum cryptographic protocols. The candidate will work on the theoretical development and security analysis for novel quantum random-number generators, in close collaboration with experimental colleagues.

PhD scholarship in Multi-Component Fuel Oxidation – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/24/2024The PhD project aims to develop experimental and modelling tools to facilitate use of sustainable fuels in engines. It involves flow reactor experiments and chemical kinetic modeling of oxidation of multicomponent liquid and gaseous fuels in flow reactor experiments.

PhD scholarship in Phase-Field Models for Corrosion Fatigue – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/22/2024DTU, The Materials Mechanics group within the Section of Solid Mechanics, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering is hiring a highly qualified and ambitious PhD student to work on phase-field modelling of corrosion fatigue.

PhD scholarship in Digital Optical Computing Platform for Neural Networks – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/22/2024If you want to establish your career as an early-stage researcher and are currently looking for the best possible foundation for your dreams and ambitions, then look no further.

PhD scholarship in Large-Scale Thermal Energy Storage – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/17/2024The Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering at the Technical University of Denmark invites applications for a position as PhD student on the topic: “Demonstrating large pit thermal energy storages and improving their components, processes and procedures”. The fellowship is funded by the EU Horizon Europe project TREASURE.

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PhD scholarships in Quantum Physics & Quantum Information Science – DTU PhysicsKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/17/2024Exciting PhD positions in fundamental quantum physics and Quantum Information Science! Join our renowned research group, explore new frontiers in physics, and make groundbreaking progress. Work with cutting-edge technologies, collaborate with brilliant minds, and shape the future of quantum technology. Unleash your potential and apply today!

PhD Scholarships within Novel Silicone Polymers and Elastomers for Soft Robotics – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/17/2024Are you intrigued by the many fascinating properties and advanced uses of polymers and elastomers? Are you looking to establish yourself as a scientist? Then you need not look further than The Danish Polymer Centre at the Technical University of Denmark. We are currently seeking three Ph.D. candidates to join a Novo Nordisk Foundation-funded project, “Soft wearables with high energy density: merging chemical biology and silicone chemistry with compliant active devices (WeArAble).

PhD scholarship in Circular Construction – reuse of insulated concrete wall elements – DTU SustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/17/2024The section for Materials and Durability at DTU Sustain is seeking a PhD candidate with an interest in circular construction for a project enabling reuse of insulated concrete wall elements. The construction industry is entering a time of innovation, with a much-needed transition to more sustainable practices. Reuse of construction elements is a promising way to remediate some of the difficulties the industry is facing, such as lowering carbon emissions, decreasing waste generation and reducing raw material consumption.

PhD scholarship in Organic Chemistry – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/17/2024A PhD scholarship is available in organic chemistry at DTU Chemistry. The project will be supervised by Professor Robert Madsen and will involve the development of new photocatalyzed reactions with bio-derived substrates for forming carbon-carbon bonds.

PhD Scholarships in Applied Mathematics – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/16/2024Two fully funded PhD positions to work on the mathematical framework of surface stackability and 3D elastica theory, with the aim of unlocking the potential for advanced digital fabrication techniques in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction sector.

PhD scholarship in Clinical Assessments of Vestibular Balance Disorders and Rehabilitation – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/15/2024Are you interested in combining clinical medicine and engineering to help create better healthcare for individuals suffering from vertigo? The Hearing Systems Section at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU), together with the Ear, Nose, and Throat and Audiology Department at Rigshospitalet, Copenhagen University Hospital, seeks a qualified candidate for a 3-year PhD position.

PhD scholarship in Machine Learning Techniques for Spectral Shaping of Ultra-Broadband Optical Frequency Combs – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/01/2024DTU Electro invites applications for a position as a PhD student in machine learning techniques for spectral shaping of ultra-broadband optical frequency combs, within the Villum Investigator program “Power efficient fiber-optic communication (POPCOM)”. The position is focused on developing programmable ultra-broadband (E+S+C+L) optical frequency combs, exhibiting flexible power profiles and minimum noise. The start date is 1 October 2024.

PhD scholarship in Proteomics Bioinformatics – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/01/2024Do you want to be part of a team that’s pushing the boundaries of proteomics analysis? Do you want to help us shape the future of omics analysis? We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student in bioinformatics to help us start the field of isoform analysis within proteomics.

PhD scholarship in Isoform Bioinformatics – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 05/01/2024Do you want to be part of a team that’s pushing the boundaries of systems biology? Do you want to help us shape the future of omics analysis? We are looking for an enthusiastic PhD student in bioinformatics to help us revolutionize systems biology buy utilizing isoforms-level analysis.

PhD scholarship in Data driven design optimization and control of wind power plants – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 04/30/2024Join us in our cutting-edge research on Data-Driven Design Optimization & Wind Power Plant Control. Dive into innovative research, leverage advanced analytics & enhance wind energy efficiency. Unleash your potential in a dynamic, collaborative environment!

PhD scholarship in Measurement Methods, Reliability, and Uncertainty in Acoustic-Mechanical Microsystems – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 04/30/2024Are you interested in advancing state-of-the-art measurement methods for sound and vibration in miniature audio systems? In this project you will learn and develop experimental and statistical methods for small hearables and their millimetre and sub-millimetre scale components.

PhD scholarship in catalysis for sustainable production of solvents – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 04/29/2024DTU Chemistry is offering a 3-year PhD scholarship for a highly motivated candidate to develop catalytic technology for synthesizing selected organic commodity solvents by novel sustainable routes. The project is done in collaboration with a large international industrial partner.

PhD scholarship in Bioinformatics of the Glycosylation Machinery of Archaea – DTU BioengineeringDenmark  Posted on 04/29/2024PhD position for a candidate with experience in genome analyses and bioinformatics of carbohydrate processing enzymes. The position is part of a MSCA Training Network so to be eligible you must not have worked in Denmark before.

PhD scholarship in digitalization of polymer-based battery electrolyte development – DTU EnergyDenmark  Posted on 04/29/2024PhD scholarship on design, building and using self-driving laboratory for developing next-generation polymer-based electrolytes for battery and power-to-X applications. This project is part of collaboration with the University of Queensland, Australia.

PhD scholarship in Microalgae for fish feeds – DTU AquaHirtshals, Denmark  Posted on 04/29/2024PhD position in algae cultivation and applicability in fish feed with focus on sustainable feed production, reduction of CO2 emission, and circular economy.

PhD scholarship in Linearized floating wind farm modelling – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 04/29/2024Are you a curious, self-driven individual with a strong passion for developing sustainable energy solutions? The Department of Wind and Energy Systems at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites applications for a PhD position on the development of a linearized dynamic model of floating offshore wind farms suitable for wind farm control and layout optimization.

PhD scholarship in Silicon Photonics for Optical Neural Networks – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 04/29/2024If you want to establish your career as an early-stage researcher and is currently looking for the best possible foundation for your dreams and ambitions, it is right here in front of you. With this PhD position, we offer you the possibility of establishing your career as a scientist in photonic integrated circuits based optical computing. You will be working in DTU Electro, in the new Photonic Integrated Circuit based Systems (PICSys) group.

PhD scholarship in Broadband Vibroacoustic Shape Optimization using Model Order Reduction Methods – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 04/29/2024This doctoral project is part of a larger, multidisciplinary and international project VAMOR: “Vibro-Acoustic Model Order Reduction” (GA 101119903) funded under the Marie-Sklodowska-Curie Actions Doctoral Networks within the Horizon Europe Programme of the European Commission. 

PhD scholarship in Behavioural Experiments with Tradable Credits for Mobility – The Green Token Project – DTU ManagementKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 04/12/2024DTU Management’s Transport Division and the Joint Research Centre (JRC of the EU Commission would like to invite applications for a 3-year PhD position starting no later than 1 August 2024. The successful candidate will join the Intelligent Transport Systems Section at DTU, Denmark for the 1st year and the Sustainable Transport Unit at the JRC in Ispra, Italy for year 2 and 3. The candidate will work under the supervision of Assoc. Prof. Carlos Lima Azevedo, Assist. Prof. Ravi Seshadri (DTU) and Dr. Biagio Ciuffo (JRC).

PhD scholarship in Efficient Numerical Modelling of Smart Hearables while Fitted to Users – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 03/14/2024Are you interested in learning and extending on state-of-the-art numerical modelling techniques and, at the same time, contribute to improving the listening experience of smart hearable users and hearing impaired?

PhD scholarships on “Live” Visualizations of Single Nanoparticle Catalysts at the Atomic-Scale – DTU PhysicsKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/14/2024Could you envision “seeing” chemical reactions being catalyzed at the atomic-scale? Two or more scholarships are now open for experimental research in nanoparticle catalysis using advanced operando electron microscopy at the Center for Visualizing Catalytic Processes (VISION).

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