The Vrije Universiteit in Netherlands invites application for vacant Postdoc Positions, a university in Amsterdam, Netherlands, founded in 1880.

Postdoc Polar ecology and cumulative impacts of tourism0.8 / 0.8Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on31-7-2024Tourism is potentially threatening Antarctic ecosystems, but relatively little is known about the cumulative impacts of repeat visits on Antarctic biodiversity and wilderness valuesView vacancy

PostDoc Position on Knowledge-Based Diagnostic Reasoning1 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on23-6-2024PostDoc position on Knowledge-Based Diagnostic ReasoningView vacancy

Postdoc Antibiotics Resistance0.8 / 1Academisch Centrum Tandheelkunde AmsterdamResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on30-6-2024Who is enthusiastic about investigating the Role of Intracellular Bacteria in Antibiotic Resistance?View vacancy

POSTDOC USING ADVANCED CRYSTALLOGRAPHIC APPROACHES TO STUDY PHOTOREACTIONS0.8 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on31-7-2024Serial Crystallography (SX) is an emerging method of visualising the interaction of macromolecules with light. A postdoctoral position in SX is available. Please apply at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.View vacancy

Postdoc Position: Implementation of the FAIR Principles1 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on15-6-2024Postdoc Position: Implementation of the FAIR principles across the social sciences and humanitiesView vacancy

Post-doctoral Researcher / Research Engineer at the FSW Societal Analytics Lab0.8 / 1Faculty of Social SciencesResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on30-6-2024Are you a computational social scientist, or a computational scholar with an affinity with social science? Do you have a passion for open-source software development and breaking new ground in computational research methodology?View vacancy

Postdoctoral Fellowship: High throughput SERS for multiplexed fingerprinting1 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on15-8-2024Three year fellowship combining assay development and high-throughput SERS readout platform design. We will deliver a turn-key system that makes highly multiplexed SERS-based molecular fingerprinting widely available, easy and fast.View vacancy

Postdoc on Quantitative Analyses of Platform Worker Autonomy0.8 / 1School of Business and EconomicsResearcher / PostdocPostdocCloses on30-6-2024Are you an experienced quantitative researcher with a PhD in a social science discipline? Are you interested in the topic of platform work? In that case, consider applying for a postdoc position at the KIN Center for Digital Innovation.View vacancy

Post Doc: Statistical physics of chromosomes1 / 1Faculty of ScienceResearcher / PostdocMScCloses on30-6-2024The Broedersz group (Theoretical physics of life) has an ERC funded opening for a 3-year Post Doc position on the statistical and dynamic organization of chromosomes.View vacancy

Postdoc on Ethnography of Robots at work0.8 / 1School of Business and EconomicsResearcher / PostdocMScAre you an experienced ethnographic researcher with a PhD on the topic of technology and work? Then consider applying for a postdoc to continue your research and specialize on the topic of robotics at work!View vacancy

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