Postdoctoral Scholarships at Karolinska Institutet, a research-led medical university in Solna within the Stockholm urban area of Sweden.

PositionOrganisationLast application dateSort ascending
Postdoctoral Researcher in Geriatric Epidemiology with focus on the body-mind connectionAging Research Center, ARC2024-08-15
Postdoctoral Researcher characterizing Progenitor Cell Niches from Development to Adult Epithelium (Scholarship)Department of Cell and Molecular Biology2024-08-15
Postdoctoral Researcher in Psychiatric/public health epidemiologyDepartment of Global Public Health2024-08-15
Postdoctoral studies in mechanistic and therapy development in CADASIL (scholarship)Division of Neurogeriatrics2024-08-12
Postdoctoral Researcher in Social EpidemiologyDepartment of Clinical Neuroscience2024-08-06
Postdoctoral studies in Neuroinflammation, with focus on resolving inflammation in the brain using multiomics (scholarship)Division of Neurogeriatrics2024-07-31
Postdoctoral fellowship in bioinformatic analyses of genome wide patterns of gene trafficking (scholarship)Forskargrupp Göndör2024-06-30
ONE Postdoctoral Researcher in Cancer Therapy (scholarship)division of Genome Biology2024-06-30
Up to two postdoctoral scholarships dedicated to understanding the genome wide interplay between the nuclear architecture and gene positioning during cancer evolutionForskargrupp Göndör2024-06-30
Postdoctoral studies in cluster headache (scholarship)Carmine Belin2024-06-21
Post-doctoral researcher in biostatistics, AI and breast cancer imagingForskning Strand2024-06-20
Postdoctoral studies in chronic pain research (scholarship)Department of Physiology and Pharmacology2024-06-18
Postdoctoral Researcher in Eukaryotic RNA GenomicsSciLife.Pelechano2024-06-15
Postdoktor inom arbetshälsaThe Institute of Environmental Medicine2024-06-15
Postdoktorala studier i tumörimmunologiRheumatology division2024-06-14
Postdoctoral researcher in chromosome organization and dynamicsDepartment of Cell and Molecular Biology2024-06-14
Postdoctoral Researcher to The Division of Biomolecular and Cellular MedicineDepartment of Laboratory Medicine2024-06-12
Postdoctoral Researcher in Transfusion ImmunologyDepartment of Medicine, Huddinge2024-06-12
Postdoctoral Researcher in Chromatin Biology of Immune Cells (time-limited employment)Baranello2024-06-11
Postdoctoral Researcher in Hypoxia BiologyJohnson2024-06-11
Postdoctoral Researcher in Chromatin Biology of Immune Cells (scholarship)Baranello2024-06-11
Postdoctoral Researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience at the Social Perception LabDepartment of Clinical Neuroscience2024-06-11
Postdoctoral Researcher in Neuroscience of Parkinson’s diseaseDepartment of Clinical Neuroscience2024-06-10
Postdoctoral Researcher in Chromatin biologySciLife.Pelechano2024-06-10
Postdoktor i hälsovetenskap med fokus eHälsa för aktivt åldrandeDivision of Physiotherapy2024-06-10
Postdoctoral Researcher in Alzheimer PET ImagingDivision of Clinical Geriatric2024-06-09

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