PhD scholarships at Linköping University, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

PhD student in Materials Science2024-06-17IFM-2024-00276
PhD student in Materials Science2024-06-17IFM-2024-00275
PhD student in Materials Science2024-06-17IFM-2024-00278
PhD student in Information Coding2024-06-14LiU-2024-02586
PhD student in Industrial Marketing2024-06-20IEI-2024-00018
PhD student in Fluid and mechatronic systems2024-06-25IEI-2024-00247
PhD student in Computer Science within WASP Graduate School2024-08-30IDA-2024-00145
PhD student in computer science specializing in cybersecurity2024-06-25IDA-2024-00160

PhD student in Computer Science
PhD student in computational condensed matter physics2024-06-18IFM-2024-00162
PhD student in Automatic Control, within SEDDIT2024-06-24LiU-2024-02904
PhD Student in Applied Physics for ERC project on Dynamic Organic Nanooptics and Metasurfaces2024-06-11LiU-2024-02519
PhD student in Applied Physics (Bioengineering)2024-06-12IFM-2024-00230
PhD position in Data-Driven Life Science2024-06-16IFM-2024-00213
PhD in Environmental Science at Environmental Change2024-08-20TEMA-2024-00181

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