Gothenburg University in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Faculty Positions, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities.

Researcher in SociologyPAR 2024/5992024-06-24
PhD position in Science didacticsPAR 2024/6252024-07-01
Postdoctor in OsteoporosisPAR 2024/6242024-07-01
PhD student, Correlative Nanoscale Imaging of Molecular Turnover in Neuronal Stem CellsPAR 2024/6212024-07-05
Research AssistantPAR 2024/6182024-06-28
PhD position in microbial bioinformaticsPAR 2024/6092024-06-26
Doctoral student in marine biology – Developing biological forecasts for the Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO)PAR 2024/6172024-07-30
ResearcherPAR 2024/6122024-06-25
Associate ResearcherPAR 2024/6142024-06-25
Professor in DesignPAR 2024/3032024-09-02
Postdoctoral researcher in computational linguistics with a focus on grounding language in computer vision and roboticsPAR 2024/3612024-08-15
ResearcherPAR 2024/6002024-06-21
Forskare i UtvecklingsekonomiPAR 2024/5982024-06-21
Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, one or morePAR 2024/4712024-09-01
Associate Senior Lecturer in Human Rights, one or morePAR 2024/4702024-09-01
Researcher in Engineering and Data analysis of nanopore-based biosensorsPAR 2024/5592024-07-31
Principal Research Engineer in protein production – six monthsPAR 2024/5342024-06-19
Postdoctoral fellow in Molecular ImmunologyPAR 2024/5862024-06-18
Lecturer in anatomyPAR 2024/5772024-06-18
Postdoctoral fellow with a focus on care quality and measurementPAR 2024/3822024-06-19
ResearcherPAR 2024/5812024-06-14
Doctoral student in OceanographyPAR 2024/5822024-06-14
ResearcherPAR 2024/5692024-06-13
Associate Senior Lecturer in Environmental Social Science, one or severalPAR 2024/3472024-08-19
Senior Lecturer in Global Development Studies, one or morePAR 2024/3492024-08-19
Researcher: Marine biogeochemistry – Blue CarbonPAR 2024/5602024-06-20

Postdoctoral researcher in climatology: near-surface wind studies
PAR 2024/5632024-08-15
Doctoral student in Marine Biogeochemistry focusing on how Blue Growth sectors will influence greenhouse gas fluxesPAR 2024/5442024-06-19
Postdoctoral fellow in bacterial proteomic analysisPAR 2024/4722024-06-11
Postdoctoral researcher in SociologyPAR 2024/5702024-06-11
Senior Lecturer in PharmacokineticsPAR 2024/5122024-08-19
Professor in MultilingualismPAR 2024/462024-09-02
Doctoral position in Private Law with focus on Capital Market LawPAR 2024/4932024-06-14

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