The University of York in United Kingdom invites application for vacant Research and Academic Positions, a collegiate research university, located in the city of York, England.

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5 Year Independent Research Fellowship in Cancer Immunology

Biology £44,263 – £54,395 a year  Fixed term  Full-time 14/06/2024 Apply by:11/07/2024Reference:13402

Associate Lecturer (Teaching & Scholarship) in Ecology (maternity cover)

Biology £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  15 July 2024 07/06/2024 Apply by:24/06/2024Reference:13291

Associate Lecturer – Problem Based Learning Tutor

York Law School £36,024 – £44,263 per year (reduced pro-rata for part-time work)  Open  Part-time  To be confirmed 07/06/2024 Apply by:21/06/2024Reference:13356

Associate Lecturer in Interactive Media

School of Arts and Creative Technologies £36,024 – £44,263 per year (reduced pro rata for part time working)  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 04/06/2024 Apply by:25/06/2024Reference:13349

Associate Lecturer in Medieval British History (c.1300-c.1500)

History £36,024 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  W/C 15 July 2024 29/05/2024 Apply by:18/06/2024Reference:13325

Chef de Partie

York Commercial Ltd £25,350.88 per annum  Open  Full-time 04/04/2024 Apply by:24/06/2024Reference:13284

Early Years Assistant Practitioner

York Commercial Ltd £12.42 per hour  Open  Part-time 01/03/2024 Apply by:24/06/2024Reference:13189

Early Years Practitioner

York Commercial Ltd £13.67 per hour  Open  Various 01/03/2024 Apply by:24/06/2024Reference:13183

KTP Associate in Model-Based Software Engineering

Computer Science £36,024 – £46,974 per year + £2,000 per annum personal training budget  Fixed term  Full-time  TBC 07/05/2024 Apply by:18/06/2024Reference:13332

Lecturer in Midwifery

Health Sciences £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Open  Full-time (flexibility available)  To be confirmed 24/05/2024 Apply by:21/06/2024Reference:13371

NIHR Clinical Lecturer in Cardiology

Hull York Medical School £43,923 – £63,152 per year  Fixed term  Full-time (flexibility available)  To be confirmed 06/06/2024 Apply by:27/06/2024Reference:13379

Open Door Practitioner

Student and Academic Services £36,024 – £44,263 a year, reduced pro-rata for part time working  Open  Part-time  To be confirmed 14/06/2024 Apply by:07/07/2024Reference:13406


Directorate of Technology, Estates & Facilities £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Open  Full-time  Successful applicants will be invited for interview shortly after receipt of application 05/06/2024 Apply by:07/07/2024Reference:13394

Postdoctoral Research Associate

Chemistry £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 21/05/2024 Apply by:18/06/2024Reference:13350

Postdoctoral Research Associate for CoSTAR LiveLAB

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £36,024 – £38,205 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 23/05/2024 Apply by:01/07/2024Reference:13368

Postdoctoral Researcher in Thrombosis Research

Hull York Medical School £38,205 a year  Fixed term  Full-time 05/06/2024 Apply by:03/07/2024Reference:13397

Programme Manager: Social Security in a Devolved UK

School for Business and Society £36,024 per year (reduced pro-rata for part-time working)  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 06/06/2024 Apply by:04/07/2024Reference:13393

Quality and Accreditation Manager

Language and Linguistic Science £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 18/06/2024 Apply by:15/07/2024Reference:13387

Research Associate

Health Sciences £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 30/05/2024 Apply by:27/06/2024Reference:13334

Research Associate

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £36,024 – £44,263 a year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 13/06/2024 Apply by:15/07/2024Reference:13409

Research Associate (Qualitative)

Health Sciences £36,024 to £44,263 per year (reduced pro rata for part time working)  Fixed term  Part-time  To be confirmed 05/06/2024 Apply by:03/07/2024Reference:13339

Research Fellow (Qualitative)

Health Sciences £36,024 – £44,263 a year, reduced pro rata for part time working  Fixed term  Part-time  22 July 2024 18/06/2024 Apply by:07/07/2024Reference:13398

Research Fellow / Senior Research Fellow

Centre for Health Economics £44,263 – £64,914 per year  Open  Full-time  11/10/2024 17/06/2024 Apply by:18/08/2024Reference:13331

Research Fellowship in Anthropocene Biodiversity and in Societal Change

Leverhulme Centre for Anthropocene Biodiversity £44,263 – £54,395 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  July 2024 28/05/2024 Apply by:25/06/2024Reference:13378

Research Technician

Chemistry £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirrmed 31/05/2024 Apply by:28/06/2024Reference:13388

Senior Research Fellow in Evidence Synthesis

Centre for Reviews and Dissemination £56,021 – £64,914 per year  Open  Full-time (flexibility available) 06/06/2024 Apply by:04/07/2024Reference:13389

Sous Chef

York Commercial Ltd £28,500 per annum  Open  Full-time 03/01/2024 Apply by:24/06/2024Reference:13000


Biology £30,487 – £34,980 per year  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 29/05/2024 Apply by:19/06/2024Reference:13365

Technician – Electrical Specialist (Lead In Renewables)

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £36,024 – £44,263 per year  Open  Full-time  To be confirmed 14/06/2024 Apply by:04/07/2024Reference:13411

UKRI Guarantee Doctoral Network Student (PARASOL)

School of Physics, Engineering and Technology £41,330 (No Family) or £46,360 (Family)  Fixed term  Full-time  To be confirmed 17/05/2024 Apply by:23/06/2024Reference:13276

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