PhD and Postdoctoral Scholarships at the University of Gothenburg, The University is the third-oldest of the current Swedish universities.

Doctoral student in Medical Science – Cardiac genomics PAR 2024/6732024-08-12
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Aggressive B-cell lymphoma PAR 2024/6882024-07-25
PhD Student in Physics PAR 2024/6992024-09-15
Doctoral Student in Atmospheric Science at the University of Gothenburg (MSCA COFUND project PRISMAS) PAR 2024/6902024-08-31
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Stroke prevention PAR 2024/6512024-07-10
PhD position in Physics (organ-on-chip / bioinformatics, Biological Physics Lab) PAR 2024/6432024-07-08
Amanuens/teaching assistant, one or more PAR 2024/6442024-07-09
Doctoral student in marine biology – Developing biological forecasts for the Digital Twin of the Ocean (DTO) PAR 2024/6172024-07-30
Researcher PAR 2024/6482024-07-24
Postdoc Software Engineering PAR 2024/5202024-08-12
Postdoc in atmospheric chemistry PAR 2024/6492024-08-05
Researcher PAR 2024/7052024-07-24
Associate Researcher PAR 2024/6922024-08-11
Researcher PAR 2024/6702024-07-12
Researcher in Practical Philosophy with a focus on Financial Ethics PAR 2024/6812024-08-15
Researcher PAR 2024/6712024-07-15
Forskare, inst för odontologi PAR 2024/6702024-07-12
Associate Researcher PAR 2024/6692024-08-12
Associate Researcher PAR 2024/6602024-07-11
Researcher in metabolic diseases PAR 2024/6572024-07-09
Associate researcher within organic chemistry and immunology PAR 2024/5942024-07-09
Postdoctor in Microbiology PAR 2024/6042024-07-10
Research assistant on inorganic materials for odor control and sensor for ordorants PAR 2024/5882024-07-09
Research assistant for project on using artificial intelligence-based methods för the optimization of biosensor response PAR 2024/5872024-07-09
Postdoctoral researcher in computational linguistics with a focus on grounding language in computer vision and robotics PAR 2024/3612024-08-15
Researcher in Engineering and Data analysis of nanopore-based biosensors PAR 2024/5592024-07-31
Postdoctoral researcher in climatology: near-surface wind studies PAR 2024/5632024-08-15

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