Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

Professor of Media and Culture at the Department of Culture and Society2024-09-30LiU-2024-02062
Assistant professor in Materials Science with focus on Inorganic Functional Materials for Conversion and Capture technologies2024-09-02LiU-2024-03178
PhD student in Computer Science within WASP Graduate School2024-08-30IDA-2024-00145
PhD student in Computer Science2024-08-30IDA-2024-00181
International student ambassador2024-08-30LiU-2024-02958
Postdoc in stretchable laser-induced graphene for sustainable energy devices2024-08-30LiU-2024-03314
Postdoc in Education2024-08-23LiU-2024-03289
PhD student in Optimisation2024-08-22MAI-2024-00079
PhD students in Materials Engineering2024-08-21IEI-2024-00437
PhD student in advanced composite materials2024-08-21IEI-2024-00432
PhD in Environmental Science at Environmental Change2024-08-20TEMA-2024-00181
Associate professor in Applied Thermodynamics and Fluid Mechanics2024-08-20LiU-2024-01943
Post doc in psychiatry2024-08-19BKV-2024-00609
Postdoc in Materials Science2024-08-19IFM-2024-00383
Postdoc in organic bioelectronics2024-08-14LiU-2024-02561
PhD Student in Biomedical engineering – Law Enforcement with Metabolomics2024-08-12IMT-2024-00065
Principal Research Engineer in addiction medicine at BKV2024-08-12BKV-2024-00595
PhD student in computer graphics and machine learning2024-08-12LiU-2024-03382
PhD student in infrainformatics with a focus on vehicular digital twinning2024-08-12LiU-2024-03394
PhD student in Communication Systems2024-08-11LiU-2024-03279
Postdoc in Communication Systems2024-08-11LiU-2024-03405
PhD student in quantitative logistic with focus on electric aviation2024-08-08LiU-2024-03450
Research project assistant (amanuens) in computer engineering2024-08-06IDA-2024-00166
Postdoc in modern history with a specialization in culture and preparedness2024-08-01IKOS-2024-00181
PhD student in Ethnic and Migration Studies2024-08-01IKOS-2024-00241
Postdoc in Plant Bioelectronics,2024-07-31LiU-2024-03166
PhD in Plant Bioelectronics2024-07-31LiU-2024-03165
Research assistant2024-07-26BKV-2024-00600
PhD student position in Computer Science within CUGS Research School2024-07-19IDA-2024-00188
PhD student in computer science specializing in cybersecurity2024-07-18IDA-2024-00160
Postdoc in Experimental Psychiatry2024-07-18BKV-2024-00594
PhD student in Medical Science2024-07-17BKV-2024-00578
PhD student in Medical Science2024-07-16BKV-2024-00576
PhD student in Medical Science2024-07-16BKV-2024-00577
PhD student in visualization with a focus on collaborative visualization design.2024-07-15LiU-2024-03197
Research assistant2024-07-11BKV-2024-00564
PhD student in Computer Science, specializing in knowledge graph integration2024-07-09IDA-2024-00191

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