PhD, Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions at Chalmers University of Technology, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No.Job ad headerApplication deadline
20210604PhD student position in Formal Verification of Smart Contracts31/03/2022
20210565Excellence PhD positions at Excellence Initiative Nano15/03/2022
20210611PhD position in Applied Mathematics and Statistics25/02/2022
20210617Postdoc in Synthetic biology of probiotic yeast15/02/2022
20210609Postdoc in Microbial Robustness15/02/2022
20210610PhD position in cybersecurity for systems13/02/2022
20210613PhD student in numerical simulations of reactive Brownian systems11/02/2022
20210478Full professor, Professor or Associate professor in Building Design07/02/2022
20210591Postdoc in AI and machine learning, Neural network generalization properties06/02/2022
20210590Postdoc in AI and machine learning research in cancer genomics06/02/2022
20210589Postdoc in AI and Machine Learning research in bioinformatics06/02/2022
20210586Postdoc in Electrochemical Doping of Conjugated Polymers01/02/2022
20210615PhD student position in Molecular biology and bacterial genetics31/01/2022
20210459PhD student position in Terahertz Communication31/01/2022
20210602Prefekt till institutionen för arkitektur och samhällsbyggnadsteknik31/01/2022
20210595PhD student in modelling gates on a superconducting quantum computer31/01/2022
20210572Postdoc in Quantum Computer Codesign31/01/2022
20210535Assistant Professor achieving sustainable industrial development31/01/2022
20210536Assistant Professor exploring technological change in its broader context31/01/2022
20210537Assistant Professor progressing the transition to future transport solutions31/01/2022
20210538Assistant Professor enabling sustainable energy solutions31/01/2022
20210539Assistant Professor in materials science for a sustainable future31/01/2022
20210540Assistant Professor transforming our built environment31/01/2022
20210541Assistant Professor addressing health-related societal challenges31/01/2022
20210542Assistant Professor in ICT – for a smarter and safer society31/01/2022
20210543Assistant Professor to advance nanoscience and technology31/01/2022
202105442 Assistant Professors in Basic Science31/01/2022
20210285PhD student position in Human-Computer Interaction (HCI)31/01/2022
20210597Researcher on converged localization, communication, and sensing30/01/2022
20210599Post-doctoral researcher in medical image analysis30/01/2022
20210573Postdoc – High strain resistant CFRP materials for fatigued structures30/01/2022
20210618Research engineer in Computer Engineering25/01/2022
20210582PhD student position in Development of AI/ML algorithms for shipping energy efficiency measures25/01/2022
20210607Researcher in Immunoglycobiology23/01/2022
20210592Postdoctoral positions on the origin and fate of dust in the universe23/01/2022
20210600PhD student position in Structural Engineering21/01/2022
20210601PhD student position in Timber Structures21/01/2022
20210596PhD student position in machine learning for integrated communication and sensing20/01/2022
20210603Postdoc in circular biobased plastic economy using UV-light and enzymes18/01/2022
20210598Post-doc or researcher in yeast biology and laboratory automation17/01/2022
20210578Postdoctoral Researcher in Sustainable User Behaviour17/01/2022
20210570PhD student in water quality monitoring17/01/2022
20210504Postdoc position in Electrochemical Recording of Neurotransmission16/01/2022
20210577Two PhD positions in Life Cycle Assessment and Circular Economy16/01/2022
20210587Postdoc in Artificial intelligence-enabled microscopy for energy storage materials15/01/2022
20210574Postdoctoral position in theoretical plasma physics15/01/2022
20210481PhD student position in Andreev spin quantum bits: When spins go superconducting15/01/2022
20210505Postdoctoral position in Andreev and Majorana bound states15/01/2022
20210529Postdoc in Astrochemistry at Onsala Space Observatory15/01/2022
20210563PhD student position in Solid and Structural Mechanics14/01/2022
20210525Chalmers Astronomy and Plasma Physics Fellow14/01/2022
20210526Chalmers Astronomy Fellow14/01/2022
20210622Postdoctoral researcher in Formal Methods11/01/2022
20210562Postdoc in Quantum-limited displacement sensing10/01/2022
20210323Postdoc in Distributed Multi-antenna Systems for Beyond 5G/ 6G09/01/2022
20210324Postdoc in Secure Joint Wireless Communications and Sensing for Beyond 5G/ 6G09/01/2022
20210520Postdoc position – Energy and material-efficient transformation of the plastics industry09/01/2022
20210576Amanuens position: Automation of spectroscopy and laser characterization lab09/01/2022
20210575Postdoc position: Thin-film UVC light-emitters09/01/2022
20210571PhD students needed in the development of next generation high-temperature processes for material production09/01/2022
20210530Post-doc in Bioinformatics with applications to antibiotic resistance09/01/2022
202105232 PhD student positions within Geometry Assurance & Robust Design09/01/2022
20210580Postdoctor in Modal operations for homotopy type theory03/01/2022
20210409Postdoctoral position in neutron scattering02/01/2022
20210569Postdoc in Food Science – Blue Biorefinery and aquatic proteins02/01/2022
20210134Postdocs in Quantum Nanophotonics31/12/2021
20210133PhD students in Quantum Nanophotonics31/12/2021
20210553Postdoctoral position in Quantum materials31/12/2021
20210552Postdoctoral fellowship in single-molecule nucleic acid biophysics31/12/2021
20210466Postdoctoral researcher in High Performance Computing31/12/2021
20210534Postdoc in Mechanical behaviour of natural fibres and their interface31/12/2021
20210510Postdoc in Metagenomics focusing on microbial communities in aquaculture31/12/2021
20210549Postdoctoral researcher position in Galaxy Evolution30/12/2021
20210554Post doctoral researcher in Human cell and tissue biology30/12/2021
20210559Postdoc in Sustainable Utilisation and Treatment of Dredged Marine Sediments29/12/2021

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