PhD, Postdoctoral scholarships and Academic Positions at the University of Gothenburg, the third-oldest Swedish universities, Sweden

First Researcher Engineer in Protein Production2022-01-24Open endedPAR 2021/1417
Doctoral student in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on wolf conflicts2022-02-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1716
Doctoral student in Environmental Social Science – with a focus on sustainable seafood2022-02-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1732
Senior Lecturer in health science statistics, 1-2 positions2022-01-20Open endedPAR 2021/1731
Postdoctor in molecular simulation and computational chemistry of therapeutic oligonucleotides2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1728
2 PhD Students in theoretical physics (condensed-matter theory/statistical physics)2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1501
Student Assistant , one or more, Software Engineering2022-01-11Fixed termPAR 2021/1713
Researcher2022-01-11Open endedPAR 2021/1717
First Researcher Engineer in Drug Development2022-01-24Open endedPAR 2021/1425
University lecturer in nursing science with a specialization in anaesthesia care2022-01-11Open endedPAR 2021/1680
Researcher2022-01-11Fixed termPAR 2021/1689
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Medical Radiation Sciences, radiation biology2022-01-16Fixed termPAR 2021/1668
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Medical Radiation Sciences, radionuclide therapy2022-01-16Fixed termPAR 2021/1667
Researcher in Biology with special emphasis in plankton monitoring2022-01-10Open endedPAR 2021/1675
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Covid-19 in persons with cardiopulmonary disease2022-01-12Fixed termPAR 2021/1718
Researcher2022-01-10Fixed termPAR 2021/1712
Doctoral student in Medical Science – Environmental risk factors for IBD2022-01-18Fixed termPAR 2021/1644
Postdoc in atomic and molecular physics2022-01-17Fixed termPAR 2021/1609
Researcher in atomic and molecular physics2022-01-17Fixed termPAR 2021/1608

Postdoctoral researcher in Formal Methods
2022-01-11Fixed termPAR 2021/1638
Researcher, Core Facilities2022-01-31Open endedPAR 2021/1656
Postdoctoral fellow in Cancer Genomics and Liquid Biopsies2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1714
Student Assistant , one or more, Computing Science2022-01-11Fixed termPAR 2021/1702
Research Engineer (Forskningsingenjör) Position in Marine Spatial Planning2022-01-10Fixed termPAR 2021/1715
Postdoctoral fellow in Natural Science, specializing in Environmental Science / contaminant hydrogeology2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1590
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in Environmental Science / contaminant hydrogeology2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1589
Student Assistant , one or more, Data Science and AI2022-01-16Fixed termPAR 2021/1698
Student Assistant , one or more, Interaction Design2022-01-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1700
Researcher Engineer in Molecular Biology2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1563
Student Assistant , one or more, Computer Network and Systems2022-01-09Fixed termPAR 2021/1699
Researcher to the Centre for Person-Centred Care (GPCC)2022-01-07Fixed termPAR 2021/1706
Statistician2022-01-07Fixed termPAR 2021/1710
Research Assistant in informatics2022-01-06Fixed termPAR 2021/1524
Researcher, Core Facilities2022-01-31Open endedPAR 2021/1487
Researcher2022-01-07Open endedPAR 2021/1690
Researcher2022-01-07Open endedPAR 2021/1696
Associate Researcher2022-01-07Fixed termPAR 2021/1620
Researcher2022-01-07Fixed termPAR 2021/1697
Postdoctoral fellow in Economic geography, specializing in labour market research2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1688

Associate senior lecturer in public administration with a focus on the education sector
2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1433
Associate senior lecturer in public administration2022-02-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1434
Postdoctoral fellow in Cryo EM of mitochondrial DNA transcription and replication2022-01-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1298
Postdoctoral fellow in Mitochondrial DNA replication2022-01-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1297
Biträdande universitetslektor i företagsekonomi med inriktning mot logistik2022-01-14Fixed termPAR 2021/1508
Associate Senior Lecturer in Business Administration with specialisation in Logistics2022-01-14Fixed termPAR 2021/1508
Postdoctoral fellow in Cancer Epigenetics2022-01-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1669
Doctoral student in Health Care Science – Do you want to develop opioid-free care?2022-01-11Fixed termPAR 2021/1643
Postdoctoral fellow in Microbiology and Immunology2022-01-10Fixed termPAR 2021/1655
Researcher2022-01-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1652
Data Scientist/Data Engineer to the Department of Political Science and the V-Dem Institute2022-01-04Open endedPAR 2021/1646
Researcher2022-01-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1645
Lecturers in Interaction Design2022-01-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1633
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science2022-01-17Open endedPAR 2021/1641
Doctoral studentship position (PhD position) in Political Science, specialization in corruption and/or environmental politics2022-02-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1623
Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Science2022-01-17Open endedPAR 2021/1647
Doctoral student in Natural Science, specializing in Biology2022-01-20Fixed termPAR 2021/1569
1-3 Doctoral studentship positions (PhD positions) in Political Science2022-02-04Fixed termPAR 2021/1615
Postdoctoral fellow in Vaccine Immunology2022-01-13Fixed termPAR 2021/1622
Researcher2021-12-29Open endedPAR 2021/1621

2021-12-29Fixed termPAR 2021/1624
Researcher2021-12-29Fixed termPAR 2021/1616
Senior Lecturer of Crafts specialising in Textile Art2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1536
Senior lecturer in social work2022-01-17Open endedPAR 2021/1626
Senior Lecturer of Crafts specialising in Ceramic Art2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1514
Researcher in statistical Physics2021-12-28Fixed termPAR 2021/1529
Researcher2021-12-27Fixed termPAR 2021/1604
Researcher in Surfactant ionic liquid-protein chemistry2021-12-27Fixed termPAR 2021/1483
Postdoctor in Modal operations for homotopy type theory2022-01-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1595
Post-doctoral scholar, specializing in analyzing university incubators contributions to regional entrepreneurial development2022-01-24Fixed termPAR 2021/1236
Postdoctor in Osteoimmunology2022-01-03Fixed termPAR 2021/1450
PhD in Marine Sciences with focus on ecology and management of shallow coastal ecosystems2022-01-31Fixed termPAR 2021/1560
PhD student, specializing in how university students impact innovation and entrepreneurship in business2021-12-29Fixed termPAR 2021/1235
PhD student, specializing in analyzing innovation processes for new technology for sustainability2021-12-29Fixed termPAR 2021/1234
Associate Senior Lecturer in Computational Linguistics, one or several2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1333
PhD studentship in molecular biophysics2022-01-15Fixed termPAR 2021/1541
Doctoral student in Genetics2022-01-05Fixed termPAR 2021/1485
Researcher in synthesis of organic bioelectronics, with focus on self-assembly og conductive polymers2022-01-30Fixed termPAR 2021/1345
Senior lecturer in Human Rights, one or several PAR 2021/14152022-01-07Open endedPAR 2021/1415
3-6 positions in the PhD Program in Economics2022-02-01Fixed termPAR 2021/1259

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