PhD and Academic Positions at Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the CAS, a leading research institution in Czech Republic

Junior Group Leader position in organic synthesis

PhD Position in Structural Biology of Host-Pathogen InteractionsTutor: Sebastian Zoll

Postdoctoral position in software development for quantum chemistry in drug designPavel Hobza Group

Postdoctoral position in cell biology of insulin-like hormonesJiří Jiráček Group

Computational modeling of molecular optical activityTutor: Petr Bouř

Two PhD studentships in organic chemistryTutor: Ullrich Jahn

IT specialist in High-Performance Computing for computational core facilityCryogenic electron microscopy

Technician in Targeted Research Group “HBV Cure”Gabriel Birkuš Group

Postdoctoral position in cancer immunotherapyGabriel Birkuš Group

PhD or postdoctoral position in computational mass spectrometryTomáš Pluskal Group

ostdoctoral position in bioorganic chemistry of nucleic acidsMichal Hocek Group

PhD study in bioorganic chemistry at IOCB Prague and Charles UniversityTutor: Michal Hocek

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