PhD and Academic Positions at University of Turku, is the third largest university in Finland as measured by student enrollment

D  Heading  Unit  Application deadline  
13257 Professor or Assistant / Associate Professor (tenure track) in Industrial Engineering and Management Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 30.05.2022 
13272 Post-doctoral researcher in radiopharmaceutical chemistry Turku PET Centre 15.05.2022 
13220 Postdoctoral / Senior Researcher to InFLAMES Flagship (Clinical Research) Faculty of Medicine, common 03.05.2022 
13271 Doctoral Candidate / Project Researcher Position in Materials Chemistry Department of Chemistry 02.05.2022 
13223 Postdoctoral Researcher or Doctoral Candidate/Project Researcher, or secondarily Research Assistant, in Computational Systems Biology (University of Turku) Department of Computing 02.05.2022 
13175 Research Assistant or Project researcher 1 – 2, Single-cell omics Turku Bioscience Centre 01.05.2022 
13140 Doctoral Candidate/Project Researcher/Post-doctoral Researcher for metabolomics and metagenomics research Department of Life Technologies 30.04.2022 
12921 Postdoctoral Researcher / Senior Researcher in Innate Immunology Institute of Biomedicine 29.04.2022 
12920 Doctoral Candidate / Project Researcher (Innate Immunology) Institute of Biomedicine 29.04.2022 
13048 Doctoral candidate / Project researcher position in fish evolutionary physiology Department of Biology 25.04.2022 
13206 Fixed-term university teacher (Materials engineering) Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 25.04.2022 
12963 EU impact and funding specialist Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 21.04.2022 
13242 Post-Doctoral researcher in surface coatings and 3D printing Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 21.04.2022 
13246 Doctoral candidate in Mechanical and Materials Engineering with the specialization in multi-material 3D printing and coatings for next generation batteries Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 21.04.2022 
13240 Postdoctoral Researcher/Senior Researcher Department of Economics 20.04.2022 
13216 Collegium Fellow fixed-term position (TIAS Kone Foundation Scholars at Risk Fellowship) Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 19.04.2022 
13215 Postdoctoral Fellow fixed-term position (TIAS Kone Foundation Scholars at Risk Fellowship) Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 19.04.2022 

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