Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

Ref. No.Job ad headerApplication deadline
20220309PhD student position on interpretable conversational AI01/12/2022
20220486Postdoc in STS, Gender and Medical Technologies01/12/2022
20220441Postdoctoral position on structural electrolyes for structural batteries30/11/2022
20220443Postdoctoral position on structural electrolytes for structural batteries30/11/2022
20220315Assistant Professor within Autonomous systems15/11/2022
20220370PhD student position in Millimeter-Wave Antenna Design for 6G telecommunication15/11/2022
20220444PhD student on electrical machine on vehicle applications02/11/2022
20220442PhD student on drive systems for vehicle applications02/11/2022
20220472PhD student position in Leadership for sustainable business development01/11/2022
20220460PhD position in STS, Gender and Medical Technologies01/11/2022
20220474Laboratorieingenjör i material- och beräkningsmekanik31/10/2022
202204702 PhD student positions in machine learning over wireless networks31/10/2022
20220468PhD student position in Grid forming systems31/10/2022
20220469Postdoc in Neuro-Symbolic Reasoning and Reinforcement Learning31/10/2022
20220408Assistant Professor in Dynamics and Control of Mechanical Systems31/10/2022
20220491PhD student position in Computer Architecture30/10/2022
20220340Postdoctoral researcher positions in Computer Architecture30/10/2022
20220467PhD student in multimode fiber optical transmission30/10/2022

PhD student position in SIMT: analysis of causation mechanisms for crashes29/10/2022
20220487Postdoctoral researcher in theoretical nuclear physics28/10/2022
20220475PhD student position in Neutron noise-based core monitoring in Small Modular Reactors27/10/2022
20220476PhD student position in signal processing for multi-antenna receivers24/10/2022
20220473Postdoc position in LCAs of carbon capture through carbonate chemistries23/10/2022
20220483Postdoc in non-Markovian effects in bosonic quantum error correction23/10/2022
20220463PhD student position in energy-efficient ripple-reducing control of a PMSM22/10/2022
20220462Research engineer – operational support16/10/2022
20220458PhD student position in Modelling of Interfaces in Solar Cells and Tunnel Field-Effect Transistors16/10/2022
20220459Postdoc in modelling polarons and charge defects at finite temperatures16/10/2022
20220449Postdoc in Optoelectronics – Vertical-Cavity Surface-Emitting Lasers16/10/2022
20220461Administrativ koordinator till institutionen för industri- och materialvetenskap15/10/2022
20220448Postdoctoral position in Self-Powered Buildings15/10/2022
20220409Postdoc in multiphysics modelling of geostructures in FEniCSx15/10/2022
20220452PhD student position in single particle catalysis in nanofluidic systems12/10/2022
20220428Fullstack Web Engineer for a Quantum Computing System11/10/2022
20220427Infrastructure Engineer for a Quantum Computing System11/10/2022
202204541-2 postdoc positions in enzyme discovery and utilization09/10/2022
20220438Postdoc for developing quantum processor packaging07/10/2022
20220437Research engineer for developing quantum processor packaging07/10/2022
20220403PhD student position in sustainable mobility systems07/10/2022
20220432PhD student position in charging and trip planning of electric vehicles05/10/2022
20220405Postdoctoral position in electromyographic signal processing02/10/2022
20220365Post Doc in the growth and diffusion of technologies and infrastructures02/10/2022
20220404PhD student position in Supramolecular Chemistry02/10/2022
20220434Postdoc in microwave packaging and multi-physical modeling02/10/2022
20220436PhD Student Position in Machine Learning: Causality & Efficiency02/10/2022
20220420Postdoc in sustainable antifouling strategies in shipping02/10/2022
20210617Postdoc in Synthetic biology of probiotic yeast02/10/2022
20220360Postdoctoral position in experimental quantum skyrmionics01/10/2022
20220439Postdoc in development of Highly Selective Separation Membranes30/09/2022
20220440Postdoc in transmembrane Protein Synthesis for Membrane Applications30/09/2022
20220433Postdoc in forest-based carbon fibers30/09/2022
20220431Postdoc position in Electrochemical Recording of Neurotransmission30/09/2022
20220414Postdoc in optimal control for quantum gate error reduction – a collaboration between Chalmers University and Aalto University.30/09/2022
20220423WASP-DDLS Postdoc in AI and Machine Learning30/09/2022
20220400Postdoc in simulation of open quantum systems with giant atoms30/09/2022
20220401PhD student in distributed quantum computing with giant atoms30/09/2022

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