University of Otago in New Zealand invites application for vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, a public university based in Dunedin, Otago, New Zealand.

Analyst Applications Support (2202161)Information Systems  (Permanent)Job Posting:30/Nov/2022Apply
Clinical Physiologist – Sleep (Wellington) (2202195)Medicine  (Permanent)Job Posting:30/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Chef (2202166)Catering  (Permanent)Job Posting:29/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Senior Chef (2202067)Catering  (Permanent)Job Posting:29/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Director, Dodd-Walls Centre (2202184)Sciences Divisional Office  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:29/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Research Adviser (2202150)Research and Enterprise Office  (Permanent)Job Posting:28/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Assistant Research Fellow – Mathematics and Statistics (2202105)Mathematics and Statistics  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:28/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Teaching Opportunities – Rural Health (2202085)General Practice and Rural Health  (Permanent)Job Posting:28/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Administrator Client Services/Kaiwhakahaere Tari (2201386)Client Services  (Permanent)Job Posting:25/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Campus Temps – Administration (2200100)Organisational Development  (Casual)Job Posting:25/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Postdoctoral Fellow – Biocontrol Genomics (2202148)Biochemistry  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:25/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Senior Business Analyst (2202196)Information Systems  (Permanent)Job Posting:25/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Teaching Opportunity – Māori Business and Entrepreneurship (2202141)Dean’s Office, School of Business  (Permanent)Job Posting:25/Nov/2022Apply
Senior Professional Practice Fellow – Rural Health/Southland & Central Otago Regional Convenor (2202133)General Practice and Rural Health  (Permanent)Job Posting:25/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Front of House Supervisor – University Colleges (2201847)Catering  (Permanent)Job Posting:24/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Senior Network Engineer (2202108)Infrastructure  (Permanent)Job Posting:24/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Delivery Manager (2202053)Information Systems  (Permanent)Job Posting:23/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Teaching Fellow – Anatomy (2202086)Anatomy  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:23/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Postdoctoral Fellow – Microbiology and Immunology (2202117)Microbiology and Immunology  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:23/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Research Fellow Health Sciences (Gisborne) (2202044)Health Sciences Divisional Office  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:23/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Teaching Fellow – Chemistry (2202002)Chemistry  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:22/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Senior Analyst Application Support (2202102)Information Systems  (Permanent)Job Posting:22/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Research Fellow/Project Coordinator – School of Physiotherapy (2201827)School of Physiotherapy  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:22/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Officer Purchasing (2202138)Operational Finance  (Permanent)Job Posting:22/Nov/2022Apply
Facilities Manager – Property Services (2202001)Property Services Divisional Office  (Permanent)Job Posting:21/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Postdoctoral Fellow (Christchurch) – 3D Bioprinting and Regenerative Medicine (2202137)Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:21/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Campus Watch Team Member (2202109)Proctor  (Permanent)Job Posting:21/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Professional Practice Fellow/Senior Professional Practice Fellow – Dentistry (Auckland) (2201971)Clinical Services  (Permanent)Job Posting:21/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Kaiārahi – Māori Health Workforce Development Unit (2202069)Health Sciences Divisional Office  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:17/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Kitchen Assistant (2201949)Catering  (Permanent)Job Posting:17/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Student Adviser, Student Development (2202097)Student Experience  (Permanent)Job Posting:17/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Systems Analyst/Developer (2202066)Women’s and Children’s Health  (Permanent)Job Posting:16/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Adviser Communications (Māori) (2202046)Communications Advice  (Permanent)Job Posting:10/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Teaching Fellow – Social and Community Work Programme (2202034)Social and Community Work  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:10/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Assistant Research Fellow – Pathology (2202017)Pathology  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:08/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Professional Practice Fellow/Senior Professional Practice Fellow – Pathology (2202014)Pathology  (Permanent)Job Posting:08/Nov/2022Apply
Teaching Fellow – Preventive and Social Medicine (2201785)Preventive and Social Medicine  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:07/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Kaiawhina Māori/Māori Student Support Officer – Humanities (2201764)Humanities Divisional Office  (Permanent)Job Posting:07/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Space Planner/Analyst (2201853)Strategic Asset Management  (Permanent)Job Posting:04/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Research Assistant – Faculty of Law (2201975)Faculty of Law  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:03/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
IT Asset Assessment and Labelling Representative (2201965)Infrastructure  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:02/Nov/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Programme Facilitator (Professional Practice Fellow/Senior Professional Practice Fellow) – Wairoa (2201919)Health Sciences Divisional Office  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:31/Oct/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Lecturer/Senior Lecturer – Primary Health Care and General Practice (Wellington) (2201675)Primary Health Care and General Practice  (Permanent)Job Posting:03/Oct/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Dental Assistant (2201793)Clinical Services  (Permanent)Job Posting:03/Oct/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Senior Professional Practice Fellow – Critical Care Learning (2201659)Surgical Sciences  (Fixed Term)Job Posting:29/Sep/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|
Joint Clinical; Senior Lecturer in Rural Health & Senior Medical Officer Rural Hospital Medicine (2100407)General Practice and Rural Health  (Permanent)Job Posting:09/Jun/2022Apply|Add to My Jobs|

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