The University of Turku in Finland invites application to vacant Postdoc and Academic Positions, , is the third largest university in Finland as measured by student enrollment

ID  Heading  Unit  Application deadline  
14334 Doctoral Researcher/Project Researcher, Turku Bioscience Centre Turku Bioscience Centre 12.02.2023 
14336 Fixed-term position for a doctoral researcher or research assistant in statistical and computational microbial ecology Department of Computing 26.01.2023 
13653 Collegium Researcher fixed term positions Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 15.01.2023 
14209 Postdoctoral Researcher fixed term position Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 15.01.2023 
14331 Fixed term position for Project Researcher or Research Assistant for cancer PET imaging Turku PET Centre 15.01.2023 
14313 Doctoral Researcher / Project Researcher in in the field of knowledge management Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 13.01.2023 
14169 Postdoctoral Researcher, discrete mathematics Department of Mathematics and Statistics 10.01.2023 
14335 Doctoral Researcher in computational fluid dynamics (CFD) Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 10.01.2023 
14190 Up to eight TIES Fellowship positions (TIAS) Tutkimuksen tukipalvelut 09.01.2023 
14238 Research assistant (fixed-term position) in the field of Computational Materials Engineering via Artificial Intelligence Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 08.01.2023 
14278 Doctoral Researcher / Project Researcher in Product-Service Systems Design Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering 04.01.2023 

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