Chalmers University of Technology in Sweden invites application for vacant Academic, PhD and Postdoc Scholarships, a Swedish university located in Gothenburg, Sweden

20230529Postdoc in AI-driven optimization of variational algorithms for near-term04/12/2023
20230568PhD in chemistry for novel and sustainable Li-ion batteries recycling01/12/2023
20230535PhD student positions in Hybrid Quantum Systems01/12/2023
20230582Postdoc position Nuclear-Renewable Hybrid Energy Systems30/11/2023
20230559PhD student position within WWSC: lignin chemistry and its engineering30/11/2023
20230585Postdoc position, Oxyhydrides for Catalytic CO2 utilization and Selective Hydrogenations22/11/2023
20230545Postdoc in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits20/11/2023
20230336Postdoctoral fellow in communications and coding for channels with memory15/11/2023
20230587Postdoc in computational multi-scale modelling for H2-applications15/11/2023
20230396Postdoc position in development of green separation methods15/11/2023
20230520PhD student position in New Materials Concepts for Stable Organic Solar Cells13/11/2023
20230481Postdoc position in Machine learning for nuclear reactor core monitoring12/11/2023
20230604Postdoc in Early Life Nutrition and Allergy Development10/11/2023
20230560Postdoc position in synchrotron-based studies of electrocatalyst surfaces10/11/2023
20230561Postdoctoral researcher in theoretical nuclear physics06/11/2023
20230581Head of Department at Microtechnology and Nanoscience05/11/2023
20230028PhD student position in Materials Chemistry for Stable Organic Electronics03/11/2023
20230598Teaching assistant, CSE02/11/2023
20230554Postdoc position complex aero engine propulsion systems02/11/2023
20230503Associate Professor in Structural Dynamics01/11/2023
20230539Postdoc in Materials Chemistry for Electrochemical Applications01/11/2023
20230512Postdoc position in Computing Science01/11/2023
20230368Associate Professor in Thermal Management31/10/2023
20230415Associate professor or professor in Global observations of atmospheric water31/10/2023
20230522PhD student position in Battery recycling using sustainable process chemicals31/10/2023
20230521PhD student position in Airborne multi-static radar systems31/10/2023
20230507PhD student position in Stability assessment of converter-dominated power systems31/10/2023
202305622 post-docs: Development of novel catalysts for green chemical production30/10/2023
20230578Postdoc position in Concrete Structures30/10/2023
20230576PhD student in next generation GaN for Microwave Electronics30/10/2023
20230569Postdoctoral positions on conjugated materials for H2 evolution reactions30/10/2023
20230542Postdoc position – Optical Manipulation in Biophysics30/10/2023
20230179Postdoctoral positions in Quantum Nanophotonics30/10/2023
20230180PhD positions in Quantum Nanophotonics30/10/2023
20230548PhD student position in sustainable drinking water treatment29/10/2023
20230533Post-doc on the environmental assessment of business models with BM-LCA29/10/2023
20230564PhD student in biomass utilization with carbon capture and storage26/10/2023
20230493Senior Lecturer in mathematics25/10/2023
20230575Arkivarie – Informationsförvaltare22/10/2023
20230527PhD position in multifunctional materials for battery and supercapacitor22/10/2023
20230538Postdoc position in Characterization of novel 2D materials for thermal management application20/10/2023
20230546PhD position in Quantum Information Science with Superconducting Circuits20/10/2023
20230241Postdoc: Development of chemical process for LFP batteries recycling20/10/2023
20230537Postdoc in PFAS Removal Using Electrochemical Methods20/10/2023
20230531Postdoc position in Twisted 2D Topological Quantum Materials Heterostructure20/10/2023
20230565Postdoc in Adaptive and Energy Efficient Power Amplifiers for Future Wireless Systems15/10/2023
20230206Postdoc in Adaptive and Energy Efficient Power Amplifiers for Future Wireless Systems15/10/2023
20230541Postdoc Software Engineering15/10/2023
20230294PhD Student Position in Generative models for Molecular Simulations15/10/2023
20230505PhD student, Faster fast-charging and extended lifetime of lithium-ion batteries15/10/2023
20230506PhD student position in Principled Application Security15/10/2023
20230498PhD position in Affordable and climate-neutral housing renovation15/10/2023
20230300Assistant Professor in Data-driven cell and molecular biology15/10/2023

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