Linköping University invites application for vacant PhD and Postdoc scholarships, a public university in Linköping, Sweden, one of Sweden’s larger academic institutions.

Postdoc in the field of Economics2024-02-29IEI-2023-00571
Assistant professor in Materials Science with focus on Organic Functional Materials for Sustainability2024-01-08LiU-2023-03932
Postdoc in Soft Neural Interfaces for In Vivo Electrophysiology2023-12-15LiU-2023-04205
PhD student in Visualization and Media Technology with focus on Scientific Visualization2023-11-30LiU-2023-03052
Postdoc in Eye Diseases2023-11-30BKV-2023-00604
PhD student in quantitative logistic with focus on electric aviation2023-11-30LiU-2023-04368
PhD student in Infrainformatics with focus Rescue and Response Systems2023-11-30LiU-2023-04369
Postdoc in Computer Science with focus on Cybersecurity, Privacy, or Distributed Systems2023-11-28IDA-2023-00278
PhD student position in Computer Science within CUGS Research School2023-11-21IDA-2023-00274
PhD student, in medical science, specializing in cancer diagnostics and drug development2023-11-20LiU-2023-04396
Assistant professor in Cybersecurity with focus on reliable sensing and autonomy formally based at the Department of Electrical Engineering2023-11-19LiU-2023-04184
Postdoc in the field of Engineering Materials with focus on polymer composite materials2023-11-15IEI-2023-00532
PhD student in Computer Science2023-11-14IDA-2023-00263
Postdoc in virus-induced pathogenesis2023-11-13BKV-2023-00645
Postdoc in Machine Learning2023-11-10IDA-2023-00261
PhD student in Applied Physics2023-11-09IFM-2023-00441
PhD student in Computer Science2023-11-08IDA-2023-00268
Amanuensis/teaching assistants in Fluid and Mechatronic systems2023-11-06IEI-2023-00557

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