Stockholm University in Sweden invites application for vacant Postdoctoral and Faculty Positions, a public research university in Stockholm, Sweden.

Postdoctoral Fellow in Labor Economics and the Economics of CrimeSwedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)01/02/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Transient Astrophysics with LSST (3)Department of Astronomy12/01/2024
Postdoctoral Fellow in Computational Astrophysics with an emphasis on Core-Collapse SupernovaeDepartment of Astronomy12/01/2024
Assistant Professor in Physical Geography with focus on climate and environmental changesDepartment of Physical Geography15/12/2023
Assistant Professor in Atmospheric Science with focus on dynamical processesDepartment of Meteorology04/12/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in TephrochronologyDepartment of Physical Geography01/12/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in in Arctic Ocean carbon cyclingDepartment of Environmental Science26/11/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow on Soil biogeochemical modellingDepartment of Physical Geography24/11/2023
Associate Professor in Systematic and Evolutionary BotanyDep of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences21/11/2023
Associate professor in Analytical chemistryDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry20/11/2023
Research Assistant (temporary employment)Department of Computer and Systems Sciences17/11/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Algebraic TopologyDepartment of Mathematics16/11/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in sociologySwedish Institute for Social Research (SOFI)15/11/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Inorganic ChemistryDep of Materials and Environmental Chemistry14/11/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Machine-LearningDepartment of Biochemistry and Biophysics08/11/2023
Assistant Professor in mathematics with focus on mathematical analysis on graphs with applicationsDepartment of Mathematics08/11/2023
Postdoctoral Fellow in Protein DesignDep of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner-Gren Inst05/11/2023

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