PhD Scholarships at Technical University of Denmark, a university in Kongens Lyngby, among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.

PhD scholarship in Bluelight Thin-Film Lithium Niobate-on-Insulator Integrated Photonics Platform for BlueArray under Water Communication – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/05/2024Blue-light thin-film lithium niobate-on-insulator (LNOI) integrated photonics platform will be utilized for future optical phased array (OPA) – based underwater communication. The PhD project is part of the European Innovation Commission (EIC) Pathfinder programme project ‘BlueArray: Integrated blue light phased arrays enabling underwater optical wireless networks: towards a new era of Internet of Underwater Things (IoUT)’. The IoUT, an extension of Internet of Things (IoT) to the underwater environment, would represent a technological revolution for building the future smart ocean, where underwater optical wireless communication (UOWC) using blue-green light is considered to be the key technology for real-time high-speed communications. Thin-film LNOI photonics is extremely promising for the UOWC application given its high transparency at blue-green light wavelength, high electro-optical coefficient, and low loss, allowing OPA-based underwater communications in a high speed.

PhD scholarship in P450-based Biocatalytic Processes for the Pharmaceutical Industry – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/05/2024The PROSYS Centre at DTU Chemical Engineering is looking for a PhD candidate. This project is part of a new collaboration with the University of Queensland (Australia) and the pharmaceutical company, Astra Zeneca (Gothenburg, Sweden). All three groups (DTU, UQ and AZ) have excellent and long-standing expertise in biocatalysis in general, and P450 cytochromes-based chemistry in particular.

PhD Scholarship in Data-driven Optimization and Machine Learning for Operation and Planning of Power-to-X Hybrid Power Plants – DTU WindKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/02/2024The rapid advancement of data-driven optimization and machine learning techniques has opened up new opportunities to revolutionize the operation and planning of energy systems. Power-to-X hybrid power plants have emerged as instrumental contributors to the green revolution. These plants contain a diverse array of co-located energy assets such as electrolyzers, wind/solar units and batteries, producing electricity, hydrogen, and various frequency-supporting ancillary services. This PhD position aims to develop cutting-edge data-driven optimization and machine learning techniques as decision-making tools, with the goal of achieving optimal operational and planning strategies for such plants in the face of uncertainty.

PhD scholarship in Computational Thermodynamics of Emulsion Properties – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/02/2024PhD scholarship in computational thermodynamics of emulsion properties. You will use first-principles methods to predict complex phase diagrams for surfactant-based systems to accurately describe emulsion behaviour as a function of composition, temperature and salinity.

PhD candidate in Metabolic Engineering – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/01/2024Do you want to become a scientist and create future biotechnological processes?

PhD Scholarship – Polymeric Approaches with Bio-Based Materials for Applications in Coatings – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/01/2024Join us on our ambitious research journey at The Hempel Foundation Coatings Science and Technology Research Center (CoaST) at Denmark Technical University (DTU), as we actively seek candidates for a fully funded PhD position focused on “Polymeric Approaches with Bio-Based Materials for Applications in Coatings.”

PhD scholarship. Manipulating material properties by nanoscale crystal curvature – DTU EnergyKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/01/2024In this PhD project, you will focus on manipulating material properties through the engineering of nanoscale textures of strain and symmetry breaking in crystal membranes of oxides or semiconductors. The research encompasses advanced processing techniques, nanoscale characterization, and electrical measurements of nanoscale devices.

PhD scholarship in Chemical Persistence Research – DTU SustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/31/2024The ongoing “PFAS crisis” has shown how important it is, in due time, to assess the persistence of chemicals. Ten thousands of chemicals are in use but only a small part has been tested for persistence. If you want to contribute to the development and application of better methods for determining biodegradation kinetics and persistence of chemicals, then DTU Sustain offers you the opportunity to work on the technical and scientific challenges in chemical persistence research.

PhD scholarship in Atmospheric Electricity – DTU SpaceKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/30/2024We are seeking a 3-year Ph.D. candidate to develop an optical imaging system based on the neuromorphic imaging technique. The candidate will observe the fast subprocesses of lightning at a European lightning facility during two summers. He/she will evaluate the imaging technique and conduct scientific analysis.

PhD scholarship in Structural Enzymology of polyurethanases – DTU BioengineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/29/2024Enzymatic deconstruction of thermoset plastics represents a recycling paradigm shift offering unprecedented utilization of resources urgently needed in the transition to a sustainable future. Although enzymatic activity onto thermosets has been reported, the polymer complexity combined with rudimentary understanding of the enzyme-polymer substrate interactions and underlying mechanisms represents a fundamental challenge if enzymes are to be applied in thermoset recycling. The project will include a number of method development approaches and enzymatic engineering.

PhD scholarship in biocatalysis and sustainability assessments – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/29/2024We are looking for a colleague to join our enzymology team and help explore the sustainability potential of enzymes. You’ll be working with biocatalysis in the lab, and quantitative sustainability assessments at the desk.

PhD scholarship: Online Corrosion and Solvent Degradation Monitoring–MSCA Doctoral Programme – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024Highly skilled researchers needed for prestigious PhD position in the context of MSCA on the topic of corrosion and CO2 capture. The work will include a broad collaboration with important EU stakeholders.

PhD scholarship: Amine Carry-over and Impurity Effects on Localised Corrosion – MSCA Doctoral Programme – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024We are looking for a PhD candidate at the Department of Chemical and Biochemical Engineering at DTU for the project MISSION-CCS (Material Science Innovation for Accelerated, Sustainable and Safe Implementation of Carbon Capture and Storage). MISSION-CCS will train 13 Doctoral Candidate Researchers (DCRs) aiming to deliver the next generation of highly trained researchers and entrepreneurs in the field of material science, specifically focused towards accelerating the implementation of carbon capture and storage (CCS) technologies worldwide.

PhD scholarship in Risk-based technology qualification and life cycle cost modelling (DTEC) – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 01/25/2024The Structural Integrity and Load assessment (SIL) section at DTU Wind and Energy Systems is inviting candidates to apply for a PhD in Risk-based technology qualification and life cycle cost modelling.

PhD scholarship in Enzymatic Carbohydrate Synthesis – DTU BioengineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024PhD scholarship in enzymatic carbohydrate synthesis. Tasks include expression, characterization, and protein engineering of carbohydrate-active enzymes, assessment of their substrate specificity and regioselectivity, as well as chemical synthesis of selected carbohydrates to facilitate analysis.

PhD scholarships in single-cell multi-omics – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024The Novo Nordisk Foundation for Biosustainability (DTU Biosustain) at the Technical University of Denmark is seeking highly motivated PhD candidates with an interest in deep learning and bioinformatics approaches for cutting-edge single-cell technologies with applications in complex diseases.

PhD scholarship: Driver Behaviour in an International Context – DTU ManagementKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024Do you want to contribute to the field of driver behaviour and driving culture research? DTU Management’s Transport Division invites applications for a 3-year PhD position on driver behaviour modelling in an international context.

PhD Project on Cavity Quantum Electrodynamics in Sub-Wavelength Nanostructures – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/24/2024We are now looking for a PhD student who has excelled in their studies and has a strong interest in exploring and understanding the quantum optics of emitters embedded in semiconductor nanostructures.

PhD scholarship in Deep Learning and Advanced Recommendation Systems for Optimal Product Design – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/23/2024DTU, Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering is seeking a candidate for a PhD position. The position is part of the “RECODE” project funded by DFF. The project aims to revolutionize Engineer-To-Order (ETO) companies through the implementation of state-of-the-art Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques.

PhD scholarship in AI-based Cementitious Materials Characterization – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/19/2024We are seeking a PhD applicant for advancing artificial intelligent-driven approaches for the characterisation of cementitious materials. This PhD research is part of the DTU PhD alliance project “DiGiCEM” and the Villum Young Investigator project, ‘‘Alive Concrete’’.

PhD scholarship in Polymer Innovations for Transparent Antifouling Coatings in Marine Technology – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/19/2024Unmanned Underwater Vehicles (UUVs) are set to transform marine applications, necessitating innovative technologies. The Hempel Foundation Coatings Science and Technology Research Center (CoaST) at Denmark Technical University (DTU) seeks candidates for a fully funded PhD position in Polymer Innovations for Transparent Antifouling Coatings in Marine Technology. The objective is to develop coatings for underwater cameras, solar cell farms, and oceanographic instruments, ensuring long-term fouling protection while maintaining optical clarity. 

PhD position in Interactions between Impure CO2 and Reservoir Rock at Fluid-Formation Interface—DCR7 in the MISSION-CCS project, a Horizon Europe MSCA Doctoral Networks Programme – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024The Department of Chemistry at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) is seeking a talented PhD student to contribute to our exciting CO2 capture and storage (CCS) project “Interactions between impure CO2 and reservoir rock at fluid-formation interface.”

PhD scholarship in Machine Learning for Real-Time Radiation Measurements – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024PhD position in machine learning for real-time radiation measurements. The project merges physics and Bayes modeling with real-time neural networks. The PhD is part of a larger project that aims to produce high-accuracy low-radiation measurement devices, for e.g. mammography and other clinical use-cases.

PhD Scholarship in Organic Chemistry and Homogeneous Photocatalysis – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024A fully-funded 3-year PhD position in organic chemistry, photocatalysis, C-H functionalization, and homogeneous enantioselective metal catalysis under the supervision of Associate Professor Søren Kramer is available at the Technical University of Denmark. The project will be performed in the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Section at DTU Chemistry.

PhD scholarship in Diversifying Heuristics for Stochastic Optimization Problems – DTU ManagementKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024We are looking for an ambitious candidate for a PhD project to focus on development of heuristics for stochastic optimization. You will be responsible for developing fast heuristics or MIP-models for solving two-stage optimization problems, such that many alternatives can be investigated. You should be an experienced programmer, knowing how to write efficient algorithms.

PhD scholarship in Scaling up of Novel, Hybrid Downstream Biorefinery Processes – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024If you are an ambitious engineer who have already finished your MSc and who would like to develop your career on a solid basis of knowledge of unit operations for separation and purification of novel bioproducts with high interest at industrial level, this position is the perfect one to fulfill your dreams and ambitions.

PhD scholarship in molecular cell biology: ubiquitin signalling in cellular metabolism – DTU BioengineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/15/2024Do you want to be part of a team that is discovering new fundamental biological mechanisms involved in development of metabolic and immunological diseases? A 3-year PhD Scholarship is now available in the Ubiquitin Signalling and Inflammation Lab at the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine.

PhD Opportunity – Wind Farm Control Co-Design at DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 01/15/2024Are you a curious, self-driven individual with a strong passion for developing sustainable energy solutions? The Department of Wind and Energy Systems at the Technical University of Denmark (DTU) invites applications for a PhD position focused on the topic of Wind Farm Control Co-Design at DTU Wind. This is your opportunity to make a significant contribution towards improving wind farm efficiency and sustainability.

PhD scholarship in Digital Representative Microstructure Generation with Generative Artificial Intelligence – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/15/2024Engineering of the microstructure of metals and alloys enables development of new alloys with unparalleled properties. To enhance the predictive capabilities of computational design workflows, this project will leverage generative AI in crystal orientation space to generate digital microstructures.

PhD scholarship in Tensor Networks for Machine Learning – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/11/2024This project will push the boundaries of scalability, reliability, and explainability of tensor networks (TN) and develop a novel computationally efficient and expressive TN data science tool providing a strong complimentary generic framework to deep learning.

PhD scholarships in Trustworthy Machine Learning and Data Spaces for Energy Systems – DTU WindKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 12/21/2023Are you a talented, self-motivated, and team-oriented person, who thrives in a collaborative environment and enjoys working with complex topics? We seek two PhD students willing to be part of a world leading research environment and contribute to the development for the next generation scientific machine learning tools for power systems.

PhD scholarship in Energy Island Controversies – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 12/21/2023In the Section for Society, Market and Policy (SMP) at DTU Wind and Energy Systems, we are now seeking a candidate for conducting PhD research on the topic of “Valuation Struggles over Baltic Energy Island – the case of offshore wind and Power-to-X”. If you want to establish a career as a social scientist that contributes to the green transition of society and develop competences within the scholarly field of Science and Technology Studies (STS), we offer a vibrant and inspiring research community for you to fulfill your ambitions.

PhD scholarship in horse mussel Modiolus modiolus production for restoration – DTU AquaNykøbing Mors, Denmark  Posted on 12/18/2023Are you interested in biogenic reef restoration and want to contribute to the UN Decade on Ecosystem Restoration aims? Investigating in new hatchery protocols to produce key protected species such as the Northern horse mussel and follow the deployment in restored reefs? Here is an opportunity for you.

PhD Scholarships (2) in Cyber-Security and Cyber-Deception – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 12/18/20232 fully funded PhD positions in the emerging field of cyber-deception. These are part of the project Loki: situational aware collaborative bio-inspired cyber-deception and involve collaborations with some of the top universities/researchers in the field.

PhD scholarship in Cryptography – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 12/14/2023We are looking for a bright, ambitious, and motivated PhD student to join the cryptography group in the CSE Section at DTU. The 3-year PhD position will preferably start on August 1st 2024. The goal of the PhD project is to improve the state of threshold post-quantum cryptography.

PhD scholarship in novel healthy food ingredients and precision prebiotics from food waste – DTU FoodKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 11/28/2023The PhD position aims to investigate the development of the fish skin waste glycoproteins to high value healthy food ingredients with novel functionalities, colloidal properties, and precision prebiotic activities.

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