Postdoctoral Scholarships at Technical University of Denmark, a university in Kongens Lyngby, among Europe’s leading engineering institutions.


Postdoc in Protein Chemistry and Structural Biology – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/05/2024We are at the forefront of investigating the 47-residue N-terminus in tryptophan hydroxylase isoform 2 (TPH2) – crucial for serotonin synthesis. As a postdoctoral researcher, you’ll collaborate with University of Copenhagen, using NMR, SAXS, and in-silico modeling to uncover the N-terminus’ role.

Postdocs in computational modelling of surface degradation and repair of wind turbine blades – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 02/05/2024Your overall focus will be to develop and validate  computational models of degradation of wind turbine blades, microplastic formation and evolution during the service time and maintenance of wind turbine blades.

Postdoc in X-ray Tomographic Microscopy for Biology Applications – DTU PhysicsKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/05/2024A position is open in the X-ray imaging group at the Technical University of Denmark. The postdoc is part of a larger inter-disciplinary effort (Biocomfert) aiming to enable 3D multiscale tomographic imaging of nanoparticles in plant tissue.

Postdoc in Experimental Quantum Optics – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/02/2024If you are establishing your career as a scientist and looking for an exciting research topic and professional team to fulfill your dreams and ambitions, it is right here in front of you. The Quantum Light Sources group at Department of Electrical and Photonics Engineering (DTU Electro) at the Technical University of Denmark, is seeking several talented Postdoctoral researchers.

DAWN Postdoctoral Fellowship – DTU SpaceKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/01/2024The Cosmic DAWN Center invites applications for the DAWN Fellowship. We seek outstanding early career scientists whose research falls within the themes: galaxy evolution, epoch of re-ionization, first stars and galaxies, dust and ISM in the early universe and dark matter.

Postdoc on Electron Transport in Complex Oxide Quantum Dots – DTU EnergyKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/01/2024We offer a two-year postdoc position for studying low-temperature electronic quantum transport in oxide-based mesoscopic devices and qubits. The position involves device fabrication and electrical measurements and will have close interactions with a European consortium of experts on oxide growth, qubit transport, and theory.

Postdoc in Chemical Analysis and Environmental Investigation of Biochar and other Products from Biomass Thermochemical Conversion – DTU Chemical EngineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 02/01/2024The CHEC Research Centre at DTU Chemical Engineering is looking for a postdoc in the field of thermochemical conversion of biomass, with special focus on the fate of harmful substances within the processing of biomass via slow pyrolysis. You will have the chance to work with both laboratory and pilot scale facilities, with different types of feedstock and different operating conditions. If you have experience in this field, you hold a PhD degree, and are eager to contribute to the success and upscaling of biochar systems, this position might be for you.

Postdoc in waste-to-protein – DTU SustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/31/2024A one-year postdoc position in the field of microbial protein synthesis from greenhouse gases and residual nitrogen from water is available at DTU Sustain within the project funded by the Circular Bio-based Europe (Joint Undertaking) Project, with an expected start date of April 1, 2024, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Postdoc in Characterization, synthesis, and phase behavior of ABC-miktoarm star block copolymers – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/30/2024Postdoc focused on the synthesis, purification, and characterization of model ABC starblock copolymers. The goal is to establish and understand the link between polymer chain conformation and the self-organized structures observed in the ABC starblock copolymer melts.

Postdoc in bioinformatics and synthetic biology – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/30/2024Do you want to break new ground and push the boundaries of what is scientifically possible?

Postdoc in recombinant production of growth factors to improve the cost and environmental impact of growth media in cellular agriculture – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/30/2024Help to bring cellular agriculture one step closer to reality. While cellular production of meat and milk results both from a flavour and nutrition perspective in the most convincing alternatives to animal products, their production is currently hampered by expensive and unsustainable growth media. In this project you will be part of a large network effort to address this issue and to create sustainable, affordable and reusable growth media for cellular agriculture.

Postdoc in data-driven optimization and control of wind power plants – DTU WindRoskilde, Denmark  Posted on 01/29/2024Join us in our cutting-edge research on Data-Driven Design Optimization & Wind Power Plant Control. Dive into innovative research, leverage advanced analytics & enhance wind energy efficiency. Unleash your potential in a dynamic, collaborative environment!

Postdoc in optimization and advanced control of renewable power plants – DTU WindRoskilde, Denmark  Posted on 01/29/2024Join us in our cutting-edge research on Optimization & Wind Power Plant Control. Dive into innovative research, leverage advanced analytics & enhance wind energy efficiency. Unleash your potential in a dynamic, collaborative environment!

Postdoc in biocatalysis and sustainability assessments – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/29/2024We are looking for a colleague to join our enzymology team and help explore the sustainability potential of enzymes. You’ll be working with biocatalysis in the lab, and quantitative sustainability assessments at the desk.

Postdoc in Predictive Modelling based on volumetric images – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/29/2024Deep learning models for predictive modelling: Combine 3D image analysis with functional properties of cheese and help us create better pizzas.

Postdoc in quantitative fish ecology and geoscience – DTU AquaKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/26/2024DTU Aqua and DTU Space are looking for a postdoc candidate that can work across scientific disciplines and help us investigate the role of geomagnetism in fish migration and population dynamics.

Postdoc in Photocatalysis for Organic Chemistry – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024A 16-months postdoctoral fellowship in organic chemistry, photocatalysis, and homogeneous asymmetric metal catalysis under the supervision of Associate Professor Søren Kramer is available at the Technical University of Denmark. The project will be performed in the Organic and Inorganic Chemistry Section at DTU Chemistry.

Postdoctoral positions in single-cell multi-omics, cancer genomics, and bioinformatics/data science – DTU BiosustainKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024DTU Biosustain invites applications for postdoctoral positions in areas including cancer genomics, single-cell multi-omics, and bioinformatics/data science. These roles focus on innovative research using and developing computational methods to integrate large-scale data for cancer genomics and human health. Specifically, designing and developing computational methods for investigating tumor evolution and heterogeneity, including utilizing mathematical models and algorithms specifically tailored for analyzing data from various technologies.

Postdoc in Preclinical Formulation and Development of Novel Gene Therapies – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/25/2024DTU Health Tech is seeking a formulation chemist to contribute to a pioneering gene therapy project aimed at cancer and osteoarthritis treatments. This role is a unique blend of scientific research and commercial venture, involving work on patented technologies and a strategy for sustained release of gene therapies. You will play a key role in evolving our research into a successful spin-out company.

Postdoc in vaccine development, immunology, and cell biology – DTU ChemistryKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/23/2024Postdoc in vaccine development, immunology, and cell biology. At DTU Chemistry we are developing vaccines for infectious disease and cancer. You will play a key role in these projects. You will carry out experiments in vitro, ex vivo and in vivo to characterize and improve our vaccine candidates.

Postdoc in analytical food chemistry – advanced gas chromatography and mass spectrometry – DTU FoodKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/19/2024If you have experience in analytical chemistry and are interested in advanced gas chromatographic techniques this postdoc position is the perfect opportunity for your development as a researcher. DTU Food invites applications for a postdoc position with particular focus on characterization of organic contaminants in food by comprehensive GCxGC in combination with TOFMS or FI- detection. The target compounds will be mineral oil hydrocarbons and MOSH/MOAH fractions.

Postdoc position on a Data-Driven Approach to understand the onset of Stress and its Contagion – DTU EntrepreneurshipKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024Centre for Technology Entrepreneurship (DTU Entrepreneurship) invites applicants for a 2-year Post-Doc position on “A data-driven approach to understand the onset of stress and its contagion”, starting on March, 15, 2024 (or as soon as possible thereafter). The overall goal of the Lundbeck Foundation funded project is to understand the mechanisms of social stress contagion using a data-driven approach.

Postdoc within Lactic acid bacteria and high-throughput screening – DTU FoodKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024The Postdoc will be a central part of two projects HyCheese funded by Agrifoodture and RETOX-PRO funded by Plant2food. The postdoc will be involved in both projects that have academic partners as well as industrial partners.

Postdoc and Innovator in Microchip (MEMS) based Neurotechnologies – DTU ConstructKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024DTU, the Department of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, section of Manufacturing Engineering, invites applications for a Postdoc position. The initial contract is 24 months, and the approximate starting time is 1 April 2024. 

Postdoc in Deep Generative Models for Stochastic Optimization – DTU ManagementKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/18/2024We are looking for an ambitious candidate for a PostDoc project to focus on deep generative models used in stochastic optimization. You will be responsible for developing Deep Generative Models (DGMs) based on Variational Autoencoders, Normalized Flows, etc, that are able to generate realistic scenarios to be used in stochastic optimization.

Postdoc in ubiquitin signalling in inflammation and cellular metabolism – DTU BioengineeringKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/15/2024Do you want to be part of a team that is discovering new fundamental biological mechanisms involved in development of metabolic diseases and cancer? A postdoc position is now available in the Ubiquitin Signalling and Inflammation Lab at the Department of Biotechnology and Biomedicine.

Postdoc in Data-driven multi-disciplinary modelling and control of wind farms – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 01/15/2024Join our SYS section for a postdoc role in wind farm control as part of a brand new European project, TWAIN. Contribute to data-driven methods, develop socio-economic metrics, and collaborate with top universities and industries. Enjoy a creative, inspiring environment with 400+ skilled colleagues.

Postdoc in Flexible Electronics and Wearables – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/15/2024We’re thrilled to announce a fantastic opportunity for a Postdoctoral Researcher to join the DTU Health Tech department, specializing in Flexible Electronics and Wearables. This role is all about exploring the synthesis and characterization of conductive polymers, and how these can be applied in state-of-the-art technologies. The lucky candidate will become

Postdoc in Design, Synthesis and Development of Innovative Biomimetic 3D Cross-linked Polymers for Biomedical Applications – DTU Health TechKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/15/2024Are you passionate about advancing biomedical applications through cutting-edge research in polymer chemistry? The Department of Health Technology is seeking a highly motivated individual to fill a two-year postdoctoral position in our dynamic and multi-disciplinary team.

Postdoc in antimicrobial resistance and molecular microbiology – DTU FoodKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/12/2024We are seeking a candidate for a vacant postdoc position in microbiology with a focus on testing bacterial susceptibility and the specific activity of selected relevant antimicrobial resistance genes under different environmental conditions. This will include phenotypic susceptibility testing, cloning of resistance genes and purification and testing of the resistance proteins.

Postdoc in Photonic Nanostructures for Biosensing Applications – DTU ElectroKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/12/2024New experimental postdoc position available in our group at DTU Electro. We are looking for a motivated candidate with experience in optical biosensing and/or experimental nanophotonics to develop a lab-on-chip platform for rapid and accurate pathogens detection for massively parallel multiplex screening.

Postdoc in Transient Astrophysics – DTU SpaceKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/11/2024DTU Space is offering a post-doc position in the field of transient astrophysics. The applicant will participate in transient surveys, including BlackGEM and LSST, and will be involved in finding, observing and interpreting extreme phenomena such as tidal disruption events, supernovae and kilonovae.

Postdoc in Modelling and Control of Floating Wind – DTU WindDenmark  Posted on 01/11/2024The position is in the Response, Aero-elasticity, Control and Hydrodynamics (REC) section, located at our Risø campus and is linked to the recently funded FloatFarm European research project, where a consortium of 15 companies and universities develop key technologies for the wind farm of the future. In close collaboration with scientific and technical colleagues, you will have a direct impact on developing new generation of tools and promoting a renewable energy future.

Postdoc in Computer Vision with Deep Learning for Material and Computational Design – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/10/2024Do you want to advance the state-of-the-art research in computer vision for material and computational design?

Postdoc in Game Theory for Sustainable Short-Sea Shipping – DTU ManagementKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 01/08/2024Two-year postdoc in game theory for maritime optimization. Join the RORO-GT project and take part in making short-sea shipping sustainable. In this project we aim at exploiting game theory to better understand how pricing schemes can result in e.g. better service design decisions.

Postdoc in Threshold Post-Quantum Cryptography – DTU ComputeKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 12/14/2023We are looking for a Postdoctoral Researcher who wants to join the cryptography group in the CSE Section at DTU. The successful candidate will work on the QUID-PRO project in the field of Threshold Post-Quantum Cryptography. The position will start on 1 May 2024 or later and be for two years.

Postdoc in the field of InSAR, applied to Ice Velocity measurement – DTU SpaceKgs. Lyngby, Denmark  Posted on 11/14/2023A postdoc position in the field of InSAR, applied to Ice Velocity measurement, is available at the Microwaves and Remote Sensing division. The candidate will be part of the Center for Ice-sheet and Sea-level Predictions (CISP) team, and develop methods to fuse InSAR measurements with those derived using other techniques and sensors, for ice-sheet wide mapping applications.

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