Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin für Materialien und Energie in Germany invites application for vacant PhD, Postdoc and Academic Positions, Helmholtz Association of German Research Centres


application until 14.02.2024    PS 2023/16

Postdoc (f/m/d) TRR Ultrafast Spind Dynamicsapplication until 14.02.2024    CE 2024/1

Postdoc (f/m/d) in the Field of Material Science or Electrochemistryapplication until 27.02.2024    CE 2024/4

Postdoc (f/m/d) for the Tomographic Analysis of Zinc-Air-Batteriesapplication until 03.03.2024    CE 2023/26

Scientist (f/m/d) for Zernike Phase Contrast Nano Tomography of Polymer Batteriesapplication until 03.03.2024    QM 2024/1

Postdoc (f/m/d) for Theoretical Spectroscopic Material Analysis


application until 06.03.2024    SE 2023/42

Doctoral Student (f/m/d) for the Development of DNP-on-a-Chip for Enhanced Nuclear Spin Sensitivity


application until 25.02.2024    SE 2023/43

Architect (f/m/d) in German Consulting Office for Building-Integrated Photovoltaics (BAIP)


application until 16.02.2024    SE 2024/2

Project Manager (f/m/d) for Commercialization of Perovskite-based Multijunction Solar Cellsapplication until 03.03.2024    SE 2024/3

Coordinator (f/m/d) of Technical Infrastructure within HySPRINT Innovation Lab


application until 18.02.2024    FM 2023/15

Engineer (f/m/d) for Project Development for Technical Infrastructure BESSY IIIapplication until 03.03.2024    FM 2024/2

Operations Electrician (f/m/d) Technical Building Equipment


IT 2023/20

IT System Administrator (f/m/d)application until 03.03.2024    BE 2024/01

(Junior) IT Specialist/Linux Systemadministrator for the Operation of the Accelerator Facilities (f/m/d)application until 03.03.2024    PS 2023/17

IT Engineer (f/m/d) for Highly Automated Experimental Stations in Biological Structure Research


application until 18.02.2024    GF 2023/42

Projekteinkäuferin/Projekteinkäufer für den Rückbau des Forschungsreaktors BER IIapplication until 25.02.2024    A 2024/3

Project Management Officer (f/m/d)application until 03.03.2024    SE 2024/1

Team Assistance (f/m/d) for our Adlershof Site for 2 yearsapplication until 03.03.2024    A 2024/1

Asset Accounting Clerk (f/m/d)application until 03.03.2024    A 2024/2

Employee (f/m/d) Accountingapplication until 06.03.2024    A 2024/4

HR Business Partner (f/m/d)


application until 10.03.2024    IT 2024/1

Apprenticeship System Integration IT Specialist (f/m/d)application until 17.03.2024    FM 2024/1

Trainee/Apprentice Chef (f/m/d)application until 07.04.2024    A 2023/23

Ausbildung zur Kauffrau/zum Kaufmann für Büromanagement (w/m/d)

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